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  •     from 1/2015 in the preparation of an educational field of oncosurgery module of breast surgery
  •      6/2014 Specialised competence in plastic surgery
  •      2/2011 Specialised competence in surgery
  •      5/2005 First degree attestation of surgery
  •      1996 – 2003 First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague
  •      1992 – 1996 Grammar school – Na Vítězné pláni, Prague


Before and after – MUDr. Lucie Zárubová:

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  •     05/2015 – to the present day, Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Surgery Clinic of the 3rd Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Prague
  •      2012 – 2015 Professional Assistant at 1st Faculty of Medicine
  •      2010 – 2015 Plastic Surgery Department, 1st Faculty of Medicine, and Na Bulovce Hospital, Prague
  •      2002 – 2011 Surgery Department, 1st Faculty of Medicine, and Thomayer University Hospital, Prague
  •      1997 – 2001 Department of Anatomy, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Prague, lecturer of Anatomy


Lecture and publishing activities:

  •      2017 World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants, Lago di Garda, Italy
  •      2017 Preceptorship by Dr. Charles Randquist, Stockholm, Sweden
  •      2017 St. Gallen Early Breast Cancer Conference, Wien, Austria
  •     2016 Organiser – workshop – News in the complex concept of BRCA issues, Department of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery and 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2016 Reconstructive Breast Surgery Workshop, Roma, Italy
  •      2016 Beauty through science, Stockholm, Sweden
  •      2016 Brno Oncological Days, Role of Plastic Surgeon in Breast Cancer Treatment, invited speaker, Brno, Czech Republic
  •      2016 Workshop “From Vacuum Biopsy to Treatment of Breast Cancer”, invited speaker, Radiodiagnostic Clinic, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, and Královské Vinohrady University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2015 Oncoplastic breast surgery workshop, Budapest, Hungary
  •     2015 Organiser – workshop – Mastectomy from the viewpoint of subsequent reconstruction performance / under the auspices of General Health Insurance Company /, Department of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery and 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic
  •     2015 Primary Breast Reconstruction by Implant, National Congress of Plastic Surgery, Prague, Czech Republic
  •     2014 Breast cancer at transsexual male to female, Mammological Symposium Prague, Czech Republic
  •     2014 Breast cancer at transsexual male to female, National Congress of Plastic Surgery, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
  •     2013 Primary Implant Reconstruction, International Congress of Plastic Surgery, Nitra, Slovakia
  •     2004 -2017 Mammological Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic with active participation
  •     2008 Workshop Diagnostic and Treatment of Breast Cancer, Zlín, Czech Republic
  •     2007 1st Meeting of thoracic surgeons, Mamma part of thoracic wall, Štiřín, Czech Republic
  •     2007 Oncosurgery SEKCAMA, Benign Breast Disease, Bratislava, Slovakia
  •     2007 Brno Oncological Days, Non-palpable breast lesions, Brno, Czech Republic
  •     2006 Mammological day, Pilsen, Czech Republic
  •     2005 Oncosurgery of Breast, Male Breast Cancer, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2005 Diabetic Foot, FN Motol, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2005 XIIth Prague Surgical Day, Jiráskův den, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2004 Prague’s Second Melanoma Day, Prague, Czech Republic
  •      2003 Third Meeting of Young Surgeons, Mirizzi Syndrome, Bratislava, Slovakia


Professional internships:

  •     02/2015 Masaryk Oncological Institution, Onco-surgery, Doc. Coufal
  •      9/2013 – 4/2014 Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Královské Vinohrady Faculty Hospital, Prague
  •      02/2013, 04/2014 Institute of Hand Surgery, Vysoké nad Jizerou
  •      1/2014 Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Hospital at St. Anna, Brno
  •      2007 Worskhop in clinical research, ASCO, FECS, European Association of Oncologists, Flims, Switzerland
  •      2006 Mayo Clinic, Oncology, Amy Degnim M.D. and prof. Sylvester Sterioff M.D., Rochester, Minnesota, USA
  •     2004 1st Internal Clinic of IPVZ and Thomayer University Hospital, Prague
  •      2002 Pre-graduate internship, Piešťany Hospital, Surgical Department, Piešťany, Slovakia
  •      2002 Pre-graduate internship organized by IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Student Associations), Internal Clinic, Tameside and Glossop Hospital, Manchester, UK


Membership in professional societies:

  •      Czech Medical Association
  •      ASCO – American Society for Clinical Oncology
  •      Czech Surgical Society – Mammology Section
  •      Czech Society of Plastic Surgery
  •      Czech Oncological Society


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