Radiofrequency Facelifting

Hyaluronic acid-based radiofrequency facelifting utilises the power of electromagnetic radiofrequency energy that stimulates the formation of collagen fibres to improve elasticity, hydration and a smoothing effect by acting on the lower layers of the epidermis. It also helps improve blood circulation in the tissues, which leads to faster removal of harmful substances from the body and natural regeneration.

Ageing is a natural phenomenon that carries changes to the face and body, elasticity is lost, skin is loosened, wrinkles are formed, face contours are changed – radiofrequency facelifting painlessly and effectively rejuvenates, tightens and eliminates wrinkles, remodels face contours and reduces fatty tissue.

Who is a suitable candidate for radiofrequency facelifting?

Radiofrequency facelifting is a non-invasive, gentle, non-surgical procedure suitable for both men and women who aren’t satisfied with their appearance and they’re not only troubled by facial wrinkles, but also deep wrinkles, wanting to reduce an unsightly chin and need to continue their normal work and social life without limitation and lengthy convalescence.

The advantage is that radiofrequency facelifting can be recommended for all phototypes.

Something about hyaluronic acid

Radiofrequency facelifting also involves a surface application of hyaluronic acid, which is incorporated into the face, neck or décolletage area with a massage technique. As a natural product, hyaluronic acid plays a very important role in the body – it’s able to bind water, can be found among tissues and cells of the body and is used in many medical disciplines, such as aesthetic medicine and cosmetics. In the course of ageing and due to genetic disposition, it’s lost from the body, resulting in increased wrinkle formation, dry and flabby skin, including pigment spots and scars. Its regenerative and hydrating properties are beneficial to the action against free radicals acting on the skin that are responsible for cellular ageing, helping to re-create collagen fibres to improve elasticity and it’s also effective in accelerating healing. Radiofrequency facelifting in conjunction with hyaluronic acid not only has a positive effect on the skin but also on the whole organism.

Course of Treatment

Radiofrequency facelifting is a day-care procedure without anaesthesia. The skin is treated in 3 phases: initially, the site to be treated is cleaned and toned up; then, the radiofrequency energy acts on the treated area, passing through lower dermis up to depth of 2–6 mm by warming the upper skin tissue, while the acceleration of fat metabolism stimulates collagen fibre production, improves the blood system microcirculation, which has a positive effect on strengthening and smoothing the loose skin, reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone. The final phase involves the application of hyaluronic acid either with a massage technique to a designated area of the skin (face, eye area, neck or décolletage) or by radiofrequency waves for a more noticeable effect.

Radiofrequency facelifting doesn’t restrict your working or personal life. For even better results, the treatment can be combined with other aesthetic procedures.

Procedure Benefits

Radiofrequency facelifting has a beneficial effect on the production of collagen fibres and elastin by using special tripolar waves and therefore improving the appearance and contours.

  • A painless day-care procedure without scars or skin damage
  • Visible effect with long-lasting result
  • Simple treatment without hospitalisation
  • A safe method of aesthetic medicine that doesn’t burden the organism
  • Skin structure improvement
  • Fine and deeper wrinkle reduction for a younger look
  • It can also be used on the sensitive area around the eyes
  • Stimulation of new collagen formation for deep hydration
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Skin quality improvement

Before the Procedure

Radiofrequency facelifting is tolerated very well, it’s recommended that don’t undergo chemical peeling for at least a month prior to the procedure and not to use retinoids inside or outside for 6 months prior to treatment, for example, avoid gels, solutions or pills containing vitamin A derivatives, which are often used in skin problems, for example, in the treatment of acne and excessive sebum production

After the Procedure

The results of radio-frequency facelifting will show immediately after the procedure because they are very visible. We recommend increasing your drinking regime, we don’t recommend visiting a sauna, solarium or sunbathing. It’s advisable to lubricate the treated area with a high-quality SPF high-performance protective cream.

Depending on each organism, individually and on the size of the treated area, it’s desirable to repeat radiofrequency facelifting after about a week. 5 treatments are the standard recommendation, while reducing larger ageing manifestations (wrinkled, loose skin) the number treatment can be increased to many more.

Radiofrequency facelifting removes wrinkles painlessly and expressly and tightens faded skin and improves the body – for natural renewal and rejuvenation. You know what you want, we know how you want it. A younger, more natural looking healthier skin will boost your confidence and you’ll be more successful because you’ll also have more belief.


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