Snoring elimination

Snoring elimination or given its medical name (uvuloplasty). Even such a banality as snoring may become both a social and health problem. Snoring is a sleep disorder and its causes may in many cases include both serious illnesses and chronic cold, obesity, high blood pressure, or sleep apnoea syndrome, which often causes cardiac or vascular problems. Therefore, Snoring elimination is also desirable for preventive reasons.

What is snoring?

early 40% of today’s population (of which approximately 15% are women) suffer from unpleasant snoring. It occurs due to breathing during sleep by oscillation of the soft palate of the pharynx when inhaling and exhaling air in a narrowed area. The muscle tension in sleep is relaxed and, for example, if the palate is abnormally prolonged, it vibrates more easily and the subsequent vibrations in the air flow result in the well-known sound effect – snoring.

Nevertheless, there are different types of snoring. Snoring elimination is primarily focused on common snoring, which completely disappears or decreases (in almost 90%) due to laser treatment. However, if it’s a sleep apnoea syndrome, which may be a symptom of a more serious illness, as apnoea is manifested by irregular breathing, which may provoke cardiovascular or vascular problems, it is then necessary to undergo a special examination prior to the treatment for snoring in order to exclude this manifestation.

More information regarding the procedure

Snoring elimination is a gentle and safe outpatient mini-invasive procedure with high efficiency. The principle of snoring elimination is to adjust the palate’s soft tissue by shortening and to achieve the right shape in order to reinforce and strengthen the breathing passages vibratory area by means of short laser cuts.

Snoring elimination takes approximately 10-20 minutes. After that you can immediately return to your work environment and social regime without the necessity to restrict any subsequent activities.

Benefits of the procedure

The snoring elimination procedure, with its effect of reducing and remodelling the soft part of the palate and the suppository in the oral cavity, either definitively eliminates snoring or reduces its intensity to allow the patient to have the quality of sleep required for regeneration. Snoring elimination can be combined with other aesthetic and surgical treatments.

  • Elimination or weakening of snoring intensity.
  • Soft palate remodelling followed by healing for reinforcement
  • Increasing the breathing space
  • Eliminating side risks
  • Exclusive premium laser device
  • A painless outpatient procedure with minimal bleeding
  • No need for hospitalisation

The course of treatment

noring elimination is an outpatient procedure performed in local anaesthesia, or also in analgo-sedation. A short general anaesthesia may be used for more sensitive individuals. The treated area is superficially anesthetised (with a spray) and by injection, then the excess part of the soft palate and suppository (uvula) in the oral cavity is gently shortened and adjusted with the user of a laser and the area is specially remodelled with plastic. The laser beam allows a precise cut, helping to reduce bleeding, without damaging the surrounding tissue.

After the procedure, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, the patient can leave without any problems for home care with post-surgery instructions, or for work; only if the Snoring elimination was performed with a short general anaesthesia, at least 4-hour hospitalisation is necessary.

Before the procedure

Snoring elimination eliminates or severely reduces the intensity of snoring, which restricts both your social life and your health. Snoring elimination is always preceded by necessary special examinations to identify the particular type of sleep snoring. Suitability and proper treatment will always be decided by the attending physician.


  • Inflammation, acute infection
  • Oncological diseases
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Allergies, autoimmune diseases
  • Sleep apnoea syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Epilepsy
  • Blood-clotting disorderCardiac and vascular disorders, pacemaker in the body

During consultation with your doctor, be sure to reveal all your health problems and list all the current medications you are taking to avoid subsequent complications.

After the procedure

The results of Snoring elimination are gradual. The size of the palate is reduced after approximately 2 weeks, and the treated area is strengthened in around a month or two. After snoring elimination, the patient will feel pain when swallowing, similar to angina, but this will disappear within 7-14 days. You can relieve the pain with analgesics. It is advisable to rinse the mouth with a disinfectant mouthwash or sage, and we also recommend avoiding spicy or sour meals and also drinks during this time and eating a lighter and softer diet. Excessive physical strain also isn’t desirable. The check-up usually takes place 3 weeks after the procedure.

Sleep is essential for a healthy and full-fledged life, as the body and internal organs can only regenerate during sleep. Any deviation, which may cause sleep disorders, in this case snoring, must be eliminated. Enjoy a good night’s rest without snoring.


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