Terms and conditions of Premier clinic


There are several payment methods available at our clinic:

  • in cash
  • Bank transfer: Account No .: 4762117369/0800 kept by Česká spořitelna a.s.
  • by credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic and Maestro)

Consultation prices

We believe that the second opinion is important to you, so we provide some free consultation. Consultations with the doctor are always charged.


Advance treatment and prepayment

A deposit of CZK 500 (in the case of minor aesthetic procedures) and CZK 10,000 (in plastic operations exceeding the price of CZK 5,000) is required for reservation of the term. By paying the deposit the term becomes binding. The deposit is non-refundable as it serves to cover the personnel and other costs associated with the preparation of the operation / operation. The deposit can be paid when booking the term in cash / by card or within 7 days from the reservation by bank transfer.

In the case of prepaid services (eg special service packages, prepaid preferential treatments/surgeries, credit card loyalty card, treatment prepayment, reimbursement for surgery / operation prepayment), no refund can be made for any reason (except for medical reasons with medical confirmation). In these cases it is only possible to transfer the given amount – recharge the credit to the loyalty card).


Price of surgery / operation

100% of the price of the procedure / operation must be paid before the start of the operation. The price of the procedure / operation is therefore payable:

  • no later than the day of the operation in cash
  • no later than 2 days working days before the planned operation / intervention to the bank account no .: 4762117369/0800 kept with Česká spořitelna a.s.
  • by credit card on the day of surgery / operation (before payment by credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient limit for card payments in the amount of the transaction price)
    Intervention / installment operations

Interventions in excess of CZK 5,000 can also be paid by installments of J & T BANKA, as. If you are interested in repayment, please inform us in advance when booking the consultation date, our client service will provide you with contacts to the bank.

Change the date of the procedure / operation

Minor dermatology / gynecology / preventive medicine treatments can be changed at no charge. Despite this, we ask you to cancel / move your reservation at least 7 days before the planned treatment.


Plastic surgery or procedures with a price higher than 5 000 CZK can be canceled according to the following fees:

  • cancellation / postponement 30 or more days before the treatment: 50% charge on the deposit paid
  • cancellation / postponement less than 30 days before the tour: 100% charge on the deposit paid


The fee is deducted from the deposit paid.

Discounts and other discounted service packages

Discounts cannot be added, these discounts cannot be added / redeemed for already discounted services / discounted service packages / gift and other discount vouchers.

The validity of gift vouchers / vouchers is always a maximum of 12 months from the date of issue. For vouchers with a shorter expiration date, the expiration date on the voucher / voucher is valid.

The Premier Clinic provider has the right not to perform a procedure already booked by the client even after payment of the reservation fee, this cancellation of the procedure may also occur on the day of the procedure. The client acknowledges that in the event of cancellation of the procedure by the Premier Clinic provider, the client is not entitled to reimbursement of travel or other costs incurred on the trip to the Premier Clinic provider.

Resolving complaints

Complaints can be submitted in writing / through the form at the reception of our clinic. In case of sending a complaint by post, please send the complaint to:

Contact information:
Premier clinic
Jungmannova 15
110 00 Prague 1

The client receives a written statement on the complaint within 30 days.

Mandatory consumer information on out-of-court dispute resolution

In the case of a consumer dispute, with the exception of disputes arising from contracts concluded in the field of health services, the subject of which is the provision of health care including prescribing, dispensing and provision of medicinal products and medical devices pursuant to Act No 372/2011 Coll. , the given consumer may turn to the subject of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, which in this case is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority.

the Czech trade inspection
Central Inspectorate – ADR Unit
Štěpánská 15
120 00 Prague 2

Business and payment conditions are valid from 1.1.2019