Removal of wrinkles and scars with fillers

Even ageing may proceed slowly – try to remove wrinkles with dermal fillers! With dermal fillers on natural basis, the best results of rejuvenation, smoothing, strengthening and scar correction can be achieved – simply and quickly. Dermal fillers of gel character with hyaluronic acid are fully absorbed, rebuild the skin elasticity, hydration, and improve appearance, safely and without side risks.

Nowadays, it’s the most desired aesthetic procedure, its effect is long-lasting and the substance inserted under the skin is the body-intrinsic without the loss of facial expressions. This procedure is essential to be performed by a physician – a specialist – a corrective dermatologist.

Dermal hyaluronic acid-based filler

Hyaluronic acid has a crucial role in our body – the ability to bind water, it’s found among the body cells and its use falls into many medical disciplines. Due to ageing or genetic prerequisites, its amount decreases in the body, creating wrinkles, hollow cheeks, loss of elasticity, etc. By increasing hydration, it’s also beneficial in fighting against free radicals acting on the skin and being responsible for cellular ageing.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

Application of the dermal fillers is a day-case procedure carried out as a mini-invasive intervention; it can also be carried out with local anaesthesia or using anaesthetic cream. Using the injection method (small needles), the filler is inserted into predetermined sites under the skin in order to achieve the correct target. Deep wrinkles, between the eyebrows (so-called glabella), nasolabial sulcus are smoothed and flattened. In the case of facial dropping, lack of subcutaneous volume, thinner faces, it fills and corrects the contours. In addition, it can be used to rejuvenate hands, décolletage, small wrinkles around the eyes, correct acne defects and scars. The skin is strengthened, rejuvenated, brightened.

Furthermore, the dermal filler is recommended to remove bags or dark circles around the eyes. Often, the procedure is used also to correct the nose and lips, get a fuller shape, reduce a saggy corner of the mouth and help with saggy eyelids, all without the need of surgery.

Application of dermal fillers takes approximately one hour and allows the return to work and personal life without restriction and without the need of convalescence. For even better results, the treatment can be combined with other aesthetic procedures (e.g. botulinum toxin application), including the laser ones.

Procedure Benefits

To apply the dermal fillers, only the best quality and superior preparations having beneficial effects on ageing and appearance improvement; they’re involved in the production of collagen fibres and elastin.

  • Day-case mini-invasive intervention
  • Visible effect with long-lasting result
  • Simple treatment without the need for hospitalisation
  • Fast procedure without scars and pain
  • A safe method of aesthetic medicine that doesn’t burden the organism
  • A natural look to maintain your facial expressions
  • Easy application
  • The dermal fillers can be applied in the whole body
  • Absorbable filler


Course of Treatment

After anaesthesia with micro-needles into a targeted part of some skin layers (depending on treatment type), small amount of the filler is inserted depending on the extent of the treated area. The procedure takes 30–60 minutes. The patient will be given instructions by a physician about home care and goes home or to work without any problems. The area may become swollen, depending on the skin sensitivity.

Before the Procedure

The procedure is fast, safe and well tolerated, although there are some limitations.



  • Inflammation, infection, bacterial dermatitis
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Tumour diseases
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Allergy, autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic angina pectoris

Notify the attending physician of any further health problems in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems. A consultation with a physician is also always necessary because of the eligibility assessment for a particular patient. Prior to the procedure itself, it isn’t advisable to take acetylsalicylic acid-based medications and painkillers for about a week.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, bruises, swellings and redness may occur at the treatment site that should disappear in a few days. For better results, it’s desirable to follow a drinking regime of about 2–3 litres of liquids per day. The results are very good, with a natural effect, visible immediately after the procedure and they increase within 2–4 weeks. It isn’t advisable to visit a sauna, solarium or stay in the sun for approximately a week after the procedure, increased physical load is also not recommended.

Depending on the organism, the procedure lasts for up to 12 months, then it can be repeated.

Almost everything is allowed in today’s aesthetic and surgical medicine, but it’s important to always take your health condition into account so that every procedure is the best and most convenient for you. Healthy beauty can help boost your confidence and the more when using a natural substance.


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