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Fractional Plasma Rejuvenation

Fractional plasma rejuvenation is used to purposefully treat problematic areas, acne scars or pockmarks, reduce fine as well as deep wrinkles, stretch-marks and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin in order to improve elasticity and strengthen the whole body, unify skin tone and stimulate connective tissues.

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Outpatient procedure






Local anesthetics



30 min



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About the procedure

Unique, modern and effective fractional plasma rejuvenation is increasingly becoming the most sought after treatment in aesthetic medicine thanks to its versatility. Ageing, improper lifestyle, external influences, such as excessive sunbathing, skin problems, diseases and genetic predispositions, etc., affect the skin’s appearance.

Fractional plasma rejuvenation is used to purposefully treat problematic areas, acne scars or pockmarks, reduce fine as well as deep wrinkles, stretch-marks and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin in order to improve elasticity and strengthen the whole body, unify skin tone and stimulate connective tissues. A large proportion of fractional plasma rejuvenation is to enable the skin exfoliation process to activate and support the removal of harmful substances from the body.

The function of fractional plasma

The principle of fractional plasma (4th phase of the matter, the so-called ionised gas) is to generate plasma flows, which, by reacting with human biological tissue and using well-defined mechanisms, reinforce and defend the integrity of tissues as well as tighten and improve elasticity. Fractional plasma has a peeling effect through a strong electric field and therefore, allowing the space to replace the damaged tissue with a new tissue – removing the top layer of dead skin cells – to brighten and oxygenate skin.

With the help of the therapeutic effect of the infrared beam, the plasma method also stimulates cellular metabolism and subcutaneous microcirculation, followed by removing harmful substances from the body, which for example, effectively removes cellulitis.

Fractional plasma helps with the perfect hydration of the skin’s deeper layers and therefore, eliminating a large amount of skin defects. Its actions are focused on the regeneration of the skin’s surface areas.

Who can appropriately undergo fractional plasma rejuvenation

Many treatments only focus on a particular area. Fractional plasma rejuvenation treats the whole body including the face, the eye area, the décolletage and the hands. Fractional plasma rejuvenation is an ideal treatment for all who choose natural and beautifying treatments, need to soften deep wrinkles, strengthen and lift the eye area, dropping facial area, smoothen facial wrinkles, reduce scars, unify and brighten skin tone, as well as getting rid of enlarged pores and coarse skin texture. Fractional plasma rejuvenation is evaluated for its versatility, non-invasive procedure and visible results and it’s not only safe but it’s also very comfortable present-day procedure, which can be combined easily with other laser and aesthetic treatments and sometimes as an additional follow-up treatment.

Benefits of the procedure

  • checkDay-care non-invasive treatment without hospitalisation and anaesthesia
  • checkSimple solution for all problematic areas
  • checkEffective against wrinkles, acne, stretch-marks and greying skin
  • checkStimulation of skin cells to deep renewal
  • checkStrengthened, more elasticity and cleaner skin
  • checkBlood circulation tissue for better circulatory system
  • checkStarting the regeneration processes
  • checkReconstruction of the energy structure inside and outside cells
  • checkGentle and painless method
  • checkNon-restrictive and undemanding, both time-wise and physically
  • checkAdvanced and modern rejuvenation method without the use of a scalpel or injections
  • checkImmediate effect
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The course of treatment

Fractional plasma rejuvenation is a day-care non-invasive procedure, without the need for anaesthesia. An anaesthetic cream is individually selected. A touch device is used point-by-point on a predetermined area using an activating agent. With the help of rapid penetration of negative value oxygen ions, there is a contact with free radicals, which cause ageing under the skin. The neutralisation and subsequent rejuvenation of fractional plasma will occur. After treatment, the skin is treated with a special facial mask. The skin is more vital, strengthened and refreshed.

The treatment itself takes 30–60 minutes.



  • Specialist doctor in dermatology
  • He has extensive practical and academic experience
  • Her specialties include working with lasers, botulinum toxin and Juvederm filler materials

Before the procedure

During fractional plasma rejuvenation the plasma flows act as stimulants for the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, improve and repair damaged skin, have a tightening effect and smooth-out fine wrinkles as well as surface skin tissue. This gentle treatment is only intended for healthy patients.

After the procedure

After fractional plasma rejuvenation, a slight redness may occur but it will disappear over a short time. The treated area should be lubricated with a moisturising cream, it shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight and should be protected with a high-quality sunscreen with a higher SPF. Skin cell exfoliation takes place gently and evenly across the treated area

Fractional plasma rejuvenation achieves excellent results that are visible within 24 hours. For maximisation, it’s appropriate to repeat the procedure 1–5 times depending on the type of treatment at approximately fortnightly intervals. The final result will last from 6 to 12 months or possibly several years. In addition, you should enjoy a proper lifestyle and also protect yourself from stress and excessive sunbathing.

Fractional plasma rejuvenation has a simple and effective solution – it helps to improve the elasticity and strengthen all parts of the body, helps to remove all skin imperfections and effectively participates in the bio-stimulation process – for beautiful, hydrated, brightened, smoothed and rejuvenated skin. Your body needs the best to get on well with it happily and self-confidently. Stopping time can be natural!

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