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Inverted nipple surgery

Inverted nipple surgery is suitable for all women whose nipples are sunken and don’t protrude normally above the mammary areola so they are drawn into the mammary gland due to shortened tissue or may be flattened.











About the procedure

In plastic surgery, inverted nipple surgery is becoming increasingly popular among women. The nipples are not only an important link between a mother and child during breastfeeding, but they’re an important part of femininity and self-confidence for a woman in terms of sexuality. In a women’s life, breasts play a practical, but also aesthetic role.

Inverted nipple surgery is a fast medical procedure, in which one nipple can be corrected in the case of a one-sided anomaly or both nipples can be corrected at the same time, under general or local anaesthesia or if agreed, also under analgosedation.

Who is the nipple surgery for?

Inverted nipple surgery is suitable for all women whose nipples are sunken and don’t protrude normally above the mammary areola, for example, they’re drawn into the mammary gland due to shortened tissue or may be flattened. Sometimes it’s a congenital defect, although the causes that may contribute to inverted nipples may be breastfeeding, breasts drooping during ageing or breast cancer, etc. However, it’s always necessary to exclude an inflammatory or oncological disease. Inverted nipple surgery is also recommended for women who are planning on becoming pregnant in the future and have the problem of inverted nipples and have struggled with inverted nipples from birth – in order to eliminate later breastfeeding problems where the baby couldn’t suck the breast milk properly during breastfeeding.

It’s good to know that younger girls in puberty, may be troubled by inverted nipples, but often after the breast development stabilisation, the problem corrects itself.

Procedure Benefits

In addition to its aesthetic and preventative nature, inverted nipple surgery also helps to reduce inflammation and infections that the nipple can cause, as the availability for good quality cleaning is limited. Inverted nipple can be combined with other aesthetic or surgical procedures.

  • checkThis is a mini-invasive day-care procedure under local anaesthesia
  • checkImproving nipple appearance
  • checkPreventive nature
  • checkA gentle and effective solution to the problem
  • checkImproving the sexual life
  • checkContrary to conservative and therapeutic procedures, it’s a permanent character

The course of treatment

One the one hand, inverted nipple surgery carried out by interruption of lactiferous ducts (threatening the later breastfeeding – if you plan to become pregnant and breastfeed) and is less demanding procedures with higher effect; or without interruption of lactiferous ducts – which is more demanding surgery, but features with several type of possible corrections. If inverted nipple surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, one-day hospitalisation period is required. It’s always necessary to determine what type of nipple inversion is involved to select the correction properly.

During surgery (with interruption of lactiferous ducts) during local anaesthesia, the shortened connective tissues causing the nipples to be retracted inwards are released surgically, then the nipples are pulled out and fixed with special surgical pins (or a silicone drain) for about 14 days. After removal there is no scarring. Inverted nipple surgery is fast and takes around 20–30 minutes, then the patient can go home without problems. She can go to back to work the next day.

Another inverted nipple surgery option (keeping lactiferous duct function) is that the retracted internal tissues and fibrous tissues are cut and formed to the nipple-shape. Other option allows for making an incision around the nipple and mammary areola, and then, the released tissue is sutured to the desired shape.



  • The head doctor at Premier Clinic is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast surgery in the country
  • is a world-class breast onco-surgery specialist, lectures at international and Czech plastic surgery congresses
  • with more than 16 years of experience, he has less than 0.1% complication rate and performs more than 500 aesthetic breast augmentation surgeries per year
  • ranks among the top 3 plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the country according to national statistics of satisfaction and demand for plastic surgeons
  • Please note - appointment dates with MUDr. Lucie Zárubová can be 6 to 24 months

Before the procedure

Inverted nipple surgery is a safe procedure with good results. Before the procedure, we recommend that you stop taking the medication to reduce blood clotting for at least 14 days, it’s advisable not to smoke for at least 2 days before treatment. The patient must be healthy, it’s inappropriate to have either inflammation or an infection during or for several days prior to the procedure.

After the procedure

Inverted nipple surgery is well tolerated, after the procedure, we recommend avoiding physical exercise, including sports, for about 2 weeks, bathing or swimming are also inappropriate up to the healing and in the case of pain, we recommend standard common painkillers.

After the procedure, it’s necessary to go for a change of dressing or the patient changes the sterile gauze and disinfects the site daily. Unpleasant feelings, such as nipple numbness, swellings, bruises, will usually disappear after a week or two. If stitches were used during the procedure, they will be removed after about 14 days.

The breasts have been part of femininity since time immemorial, many anomalies are caused by congenital dispositions, diseases or huge weight loss. However, for every woman, health is the foundation for self-esteem and health. Therefore, medical assistance is sometimes necessary to get things working and inverted nipple surgery is one of them.

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