Madonna Eye Lift

We have a new presentation at our Clinic under the name “Madonna Eye Lift” (it’s an alternative to surgical intervention) – with the use of a special and modern, innovative fractional CO2 laser – we can reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area, raise eyebrows, including eyelids, remove dark circles under the eyes and strengthen, improve and rejuvenate the look of the eye (in a non-invasive way).

The most distinctive part of the face is the eyes and their surroundings, where the skin is very thin and this area is prone to the impacts of ageing (loss of elasticity and elasticity) lifestyle and genetic predispositions and therefore, wrinkle formation, visible loose skin along with unpleasant bags under the eyes bags or saggy lids, etc. The Madonna Eye Lift effectively stimulates the growth of collagen and helps to eliminate these symptoms.

For whom is the Madonna Eye Lift suitable?

Rejuvenation and treatment of the eyelids and eye surroundings improve the looks; the procedure is suitable for all those who face the saggy eyelids and the wrinkles and prefer a less burdensome procedure for their body.

Course of Treatment

The Madonna Eye Lift is a day-care procedure under local anaesthesia or using an anaesthetic cream (optional under analgosedation). Using cooling and specially modulated very thin laser beams from a CO2 laser device, which penetrate under the skin of the eye area without damaging the surrounding epidermis, they form microscopic channels in the subcutaneous tissue where the collagen and elastin fibres are renewed. This is a short procedure lasting about half-hour. The patient may feel slight tingling and minor smarting in the treated area. After the procedure, the patient returns to their normal life without difficulty.

Procedure Benefits

In addition to aesthetic aspects, improved skin texture, filling lines and wrinkles, strengthening and tightening of the eyelids and eyebrows as well as rejuvenating and brightening the look, the Madonna Eye Lift provides excellent results for all patients and all skin colours.

Depending on individuality and a healthy lifestyle, the procedure is more permanent, plus no risks and allergies and can be combined with other aesthetic treatments. The advantage of the Madonna Eye Lift laser procedure compared to classical surgery is minimising the burden on the organism, almost painlessness, there is no bleeding, faster healing without scars and no need for hospitalisation.

  • Reduction in wrinkles, strengthening the eye area
  • Smoothing the skin tone, a reduction in the dark pigmentation under the eyes
  • New technology for maximum renewal of collagen fibres
  • Natural healing process
  • Non-invasive and fast rejuvenation method

Before the Procedure

At least one week before the treatment, taking acetylsalicylic acid-based medications that may reduce blood clotting isn’t recommended, in order for the Madonna Eye Lift to be performed, the area around your eyes shouldn’t have any damage or inflammation and it’s also important that you have no infections.

After the Procedure

The Madonna Eye Lift is a safe and fast procedure; it can cause redness, swelling and little bruising; we recommend cooling the eye area. After the procedure, the eyes tend to be more sensitive and therefore, we recommend wearing dark sunglasses for a few days and lubricate with high quality UV protection creams. This not only applies to this treatment, but we recommend protecting yourself from sunlight and use quality aids and creams whenever necessary.

The resulting effect is immediate, but it gradually increases with the formation of new collagen tissue. The Madonna Eye Lift is a simple aesthetic solution for strengthening and rejuvenating the eye area, including the eyelids; in order to increase the effect, it’s recommended to repeat the procedure after about 2–4 weeks, at least 3 times.

There is beauty in simplicity. The Madonna Eye Lift simply acts on the eye area to increase collagen production in places where there is its lack. The eye area represents you, so give it a refreshing and rejuvenating treatment by the Madonna Eye Lift. It will be very visible.


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