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Meso-threads – minilifting

In recent years, this method has made a breakthrough and enjoys popularity around the world. The meso-thread application is a very effective anti-ageing technique with a significant lifting and strengthening effect. The procedure is non-invasive, painless and the results are virtually immediate. Then, the entire process is carried out on the basis of cell self-regeneration. The resulting effect lasts for up to two years.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

The meso-thread application to the upper skin part activates the natural production of collagen, which leads to the stimulation of the skin cells. Special self-absorbing meso-threads will disrupt the skin slightly and the collagen formation will accelerate to speed up the tissue healing. The process of meso-threads absorption takes approximately 6 months. During this time, the so-called collagen grid is strengthened in the subcutis, therefore, triggering a self-regeneration effect, which persists for up to two years even after complete absorption of the meso-thread. In a very simplified and layman way, it’s possible to say that the so-called self-rejuvenating process is taking place.

The procedure is not only suitable for clients with more mature skin to regenerate their skin and tighten it naturally to provide a younger look. For clients who don’t need to stimulate collagen production in the skin, it’s an ideal procedure to correct small facial imperfections (e.g. contours of lower jawbone and double chin, etc.)

Meso-threads – minilifting – This non-invasive method is recommended for treating the eye area, forehead, face and contour of the face – predominantly of the lower jawbone or double chin. It can be combined with other non-invasive procedures such as applications of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and fractional CO2 laser treatment, etc.

In the case of clients who are worried about the application, it’s possible to use analgosedation or general anaesthesia. We offer only high-quality, certified meso-threads and all types of threads and techniques –so-called golden threads, 3D threads, Aptos, Silhouette soft and lifting with liquid threads.

Meso-threads – the procedure benefits

  • Non-invasive and painless procedure (only performed under local anaesthesia)
  • An almost immediate effect, which lasts for up to two years
  • No need for convalescence (after surgery, there are no punctures, no swelling and no bruises)
  • Suitable for clients with a wide range of ages
  • Time non-consuming (treatment takes around 30 minutes)


Course of Treatment

For our clients comfort, the treated area is first numbed with the EMLA anaesthetic cream. So the client doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Injections are performed with ultra-thin/non-traumatic needles in the subcutaneous area in the desired sites. The threads are completely absorbable and they’re not visible as they’re applied to the subcutaneous tissue. Approximately 10–15 meso-threads are used for treatment (depending on the procedure extent). The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes. Your physician will always consult the entire procedure with you in advance. A significantly visible effect is visible after 2–3 weeks.


Silhouette Soft meso-threads - animation of the procedure. These are premium meso threads from the US.

Before the Procedure

The procedure doesn’t require special examination or recommendation by a dermatologist. However, it isn’t recommended in the following cases:

  • During pregnancy
  • If the site is inflamed before the application
  • If the patient has predispositions to formation of keloid scars
  • During the course of an infectious disease
  • In the case of some blood disorders (especially coagulation disorders)
  • Cancer


After the Procedure

There are no scars, no visible punctures; it can be combined with other non-invasive methods. In rare cases, the client may experience minor oedema or bruising, but this doesn’t affect the effect of the final procedure. A follow-up isn’t necessary.


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