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Tattoo Removal

We have been specialising in tattoo removal for many years. Don’t take the risk of scaring your tattoo in a cosmetic salon and entrust your care to a provider with several years of experience in tattoo removal.

Price from:

45 €



Outpatient procedure






Local anesthetics



15 min



14 days

About the procedure

Our Plastic Surgery Clinic has been specialising in tattoo removal for many years, treating hundreds of satisfied clients across the Czech Republic during this time. To remove a tattoo we use one of the most powerful lasers in the Czech Republic, namely the Q-Switch ND: YAG laser PASTELLE, certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So, if you belong to those who, for social reasons are under pressure to get rid of your tattoo or you part of a group of people who tattooed their partner’s name in your youth and your new partner finds it unacceptable or maybe you no longer like the pictures that you had tattooed on your skin at a younger age or over time, they just look inappropriate on your body, we will be happy to solve your problem using quality lasers.

To remove tattoos, it’s inevitable that highest quality lasers will be used so that the treatment is safe, painless and scar-free. In any case, we don’t recommend undergoing the tattoo removal procedure in a cosmetic salon, where lasers aren’t effective and these Chinese devices can cause a large, irreversible scar upon your skin.

You can find more informations here: www.odstraneni-tetovani-laserem.cz.

A laser for removing tattoos without compromise

We use the uncompromising world leader among lasers, a laser with high-performance, a laser with a pulse nearly 100-times shorter than the other lasers, which has a positive impact on the removed pigment in order to avoid damaging to the surrounding tissue – Q-Switch ND: YAG laser. The pulse duration is an unbelievable 4 nanoseconds, which meets the criteria for the shortest possible laser pulses helping to eliminate heat damage to the skin, yet they can act in depth to remove professional and highly detailed tattoos.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

By using high value laser beams, with a higher effect and with a lower action on the skin, without creating the scars – the whole colour range, from dark to lighter, can be removed using the laser with 7 wavelengths; however, it’s always necessary to consult with a physician in order to remove an unwanted or misplaced tattoos or permanent make-up was as gentle as possible and the best. For those who feel the pain more, an anaesthetic cream is prepared, which is applied about an hour in advance to the treated site.

However, since one treatment doesn’t remove the tattoo, repetition is required. The tattooed pigment lies in several deeper layers that the laser has to break down. Repetition is possible 3–6 weeks after the procedure at the earliest. A tattoo done by professionals will take about 3–6 treatment sessions, a tattoo by amateurs will take a little less, and about 1 treatment is sufficient to remove permanent make-up. The number of treatment sessions depends on many circumstances, such as the tattoo strength, colour shades, depth of colour penetration, healing aspects, skin type and so on.

In order to provide more information about tattoo removal, we have established a specialised website www.odstraneni-tetovani-laserem.cz where you can find more articles and information about the technology, recommendations on care for the treatment and the differences between lasers, etc.

Tattoo removal is carried out by lasers, but also by excisions (by cutting the tattoos in the case of smaller tattoos). This is a plastic surgery intervention in an operating room, which can be done under general anaesthesia. However, in the case of excision, a scar should virtually always be expected in the given site.

    Avoid unnecessary pain!

    As the only workplace in the Czech Republic, we use an anaesthesia with cold air using the Z Cryo 6 from the German company Zimmer Medizin systeme as a combination for this laser and free of charge. With a Zimmer device cooling, we can use higher laser values with a shorter healing time and less pain, unlike our competitors

    Course of Treatment



    • The head doctor at Premier Clinic is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast surgery in the country
    • is a world-class breast onco-surgery specialist, lectures at international and Czech plastic surgery congresses
    • with more than 16 years of experience, he has less than 0.1% complication rate and performs more than 500 aesthetic breast augmentation surgeries per year
    • ranks among the top 3 plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the country according to national statistics of satisfaction and demand for plastic surgeons
    • Please note - appointment dates with MUDr. Lucie Zárubová can be 6 to 24 months

    Don’t take the risk of your tattoo leaving you with a scar by using a cosmetic salon

    Trust your care to the Premium Plastic Surgery Clinic managed by MUDr. Lucie Zárubová, a sought-after plastic surgeon

    Why choose a procedure at the Premier Clinic

    We have been specializing in tattoo removal since 2011, we treat thousands of clients a year, and we are a sought-after clinic in the Czech Republic.

    We have the only Pastelle laser in the Czech Republic, which can remove tattoos in up to 2x shorter time than competing lasers. Thanks to that, you don't need so many repetitions.

    Tattoo removal in our country hurts less thanks to the unique air cooling from Germany from Cryo.

    Our results

    Still can't decide? Watch our videos first:

    Interview and treatment
    Interview and treatment
    Interview and treatment
    Interview and treatment

    Before the procedure

    It’s always necessary to consult the procedure with a physician – a specialist in laser tattoo removal. So don’t hesitate and make an appointment for a non-binding consultation today. If you are interested in estimating the cost of removing your tattoo, please send us picture of your tattoo with a scale and information on the age and size of your tattoo to our email info@premier-clinic.cz.

    After the procedure

    A slight redness or small swelling may occur on the treated skin, you may experience burning after the procedure, but this will soon disappear. We don’t recommend exposure of the treated skin to sunlight, a sauna or swimming pools for at least 14 days. On the contrary, it’s advisable to lubricate the treated site with a high-quality UV cream and follow the instructions you’ll receive from us after treatment.

    A market leader in tattoo removal for more than 5 years

    As the only workplace in the Czech Republic we use the PASTELLE premium laser to remove the tattoo.

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