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Tumescent liposuction

A classic liposuction technique, where the problematic fat area is infused with a tumescent solution, which is then suctioned through a cannula. In our clinic we apply tumescent liposuction simultaneously with vibration and laser liposuction for the most perfect effect.

Price from:

694 €



1 day hospitalization at the clinic



Plastic surgery



General anesthesia



60 min



14 days

About the procedure

Do you need to rid yourself of excess kilos in areas such as belly, thighs, buttocks, chin, arms, even the area above the knee or if you are a man, do you need to get rid of excess fatty tissues in your breast (so-called gynecomastia)? Do you want this process to be gentle and fast? One of the most effective methods today is the much sought-after tumescent liposuction, which focuses on body adjustment in certain problematic parts, by removing (sucking out) undesirable subcutaneous fatty tissues, in order to shape and improve the figure.

Today, unlike in the past years, a large part of the population is exposed to a demanding lifestyle and often to stress, which leads to fat storage in the areas, where we don’t need it.

Tumescent liposuction can be combined with vibration liposuction or laser liposuction. As regards tumescent liposuction, we have the top Swiss liposuction device Liposurg from Nouvag, fully equipped with operating rooms, including hotel-type recovery rooms. Anaesthesia is administered by means of the new gentle low-flow technology with the unique anaesthetic gas desflurane delivered by a fully digital, German made HEYER anaesthesia unit.

Why tumescent liposuction?

Because it is one of the most gentle, safe and effective liposuction procedures in aesthetic and plastic surgery today. However, the method does not address weight loss or excess weight, it only helps to reduce fat layers where fat is stored in excess, and it is really effective. Giving up food, hard work in sports, even this is a partial way to a slim body, but it does not apply always and for everyone. Tumescent liposuction is suitable for both men and women and simply remodels the figure without restricting yourself.

More information about the procedure

It’s an invasive procedure, which is performed either as an outpatient procedure in local anaesthesia, where just one area is treated, or in case of large-scale treatment (of several areas) the procedure is performed in general anaesthesia or analgo-sedation. The main purpose of the method is to infuse the treated area with a special tumescent solution, which has the ability to dissolve subcutaneous fat cells, or in other words – it can inflate and dissolve fat cells, so that the extra fat can be sucked out through special liposuction cannulas connected to a suction device (we use the top Swiss Nouvag liposuction machine at our clinic). However, it is always important to consult your doctor about adaptability to the procedure. The required time is 2-3 hours depending on the size of the treated area. Tumescent liposuction can be combined with the so-called vibration liposuction performed on the same day, which further accelerates the extraction of fat and reduces uneven spots on the skin; or possibly with laser liposuction SlimLipo, which can be used in the final phase and which will smooth out any uneven spots that may arise perfectly.

Benefits of the intervention

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, increasing self-confidence, improving the appearance of the body, fat removal has a positive effect to reduce volume without the need for drastic diets, etc.
The advantage of tumescent liposuction compared to the classic, so-called dry liposuction without the use of tumescent solution is mainly the reduction of postoperative hospitalization and lengthy recovery, minimal burden on the body, preventing the formation of irregularities on the body or injury to cells. Other positives:

  • checkSimple solution for removing fat from problem areas
  • checkReduced bleeding and pain
  • checkMinimum recovery time
  • checkSafe and effective outpatient procedure
  • checkPermanent solution provided adherence to the lifestyle
  • checkPositive effect on self-esteem
  • checkThe procedure does not need to be repeated

Combination of procedures - client recommendations

Tumescent liposuction can be effectively combined with laser liposuction, which is performed at our clinic by means of a German liposuction laser with the wavelength of 980 nm. Laser liposuction in combination with vibration liposuction will increase the effect of the procedure, stretch the subcutaneous skin after the liposuction and further eliminate any uneven spots.

The course of treatment

The procedure is outpatient with local anaesthesia (or general anaesthesia / analgo-sedation). A tumescent solution containing a substance, which shrinks blood vessels and thereby reduces bleeding, is injected into the predetermined problematic parts of the body, together with an anaesthetic, which promotes desensitisation and therefore painlessness of the procedure. Double the amount of the solution relative to the amount of the fat to be removed is applied below the skin. Activation of these substances takes around 30 minutes. Then the fat tissue is sucked out using a special liposuction cannula, which is applied under the skin through small 2-4 mm incisions. Suction is painless, the anaesthetic effect lasts up to 20 hours after treatment, no stitching is necessary.



  • The head doctor at Premier Clinic is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast surgery in the country
  • is a world-class breast onco-surgery specialist, lectures at international and Czech plastic surgery congresses
  • with more than 16 years of experience, he has less than 0.1% complication rate and performs more than 500 aesthetic breast augmentation surgeries per year
  • ranks among the top 3 plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the country according to national statistics of satisfaction and demand for plastic surgeons
  • Please note - appointment dates with MUDr. Lucie Zárubová can be 6 to 24 months

Before the procedure

If you decide to go through the procedure, it’s necessary to consult with the attending physician, who will propose the optimal solution, so that the result is the least burdensome possible for you and with the best result.

Only healthy patients are admitted for the procedure! The procedure can’t be performed under some circumstances, so attention should be paid if:

– You have inflammation, an infection or you are 14 days after a viral illness
– You are being treated for cancer
– You are being treated for epilepsy
– You suffer from high blood pressure
– You have a high-risk pregnancy
– You suffer from a blood-clotting disorder

It is advisable to discontinue blood thinners at least 14 days before the procedure, if your doctor allows it. Also, drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (Acylpirin, Anopyrin, etc.) should be discontinued. Tell your doctor about all health problems and all medications you use, in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems.

After the procedure

The procedure is relatively well tolerated, the treated areas may be reddened, swelling and bruising may appear at the injection site, which will disappear within a few days. Hospitalization is not necessary in case of outpatient treatment with local anaesthesia, involvement in normal life is almost immediate, however, we recommend at least 3 days of light activity. After anaesthesia, a 1-day hospitalisation is always necessary, followed by a week of disability. A month of convalescence is standard, when special elastic underwear should be worn, even overnight. Compliance with the drinking regime is a matter of course!

Important to know – not only quality, elasticity, but also skin shrinkage contribute to a good result. Once the fat has been suctioned out, the subcutaneous area is loosened, and as the elasticity of the skin decreases with age, it could show unsightly protruding skin areas.

The final result is visible after 14 days, but for some people it may take up to 2 months.

The ideal of beauty is not always about having a pretty face and body, it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident in your body, and thus getting a sense of your ideal of beauty. Everyone has the opportunity to do everything they can to achieve it. One option is to trust our experts and use tumescent liposuction to get a beautiful body.

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