Areola reduction

Many women are worried about the size of areolas of their breasts. Genetic dispositions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, periods of hormonal changes in menopause or even excessive breast size, asymmetry or the consequences of injuries can all affect the psychological aspect and dissatisfaction with appearance of their breasts.

Modern plastic surgery methods find a simple solution – areola reduction as a separate procedure or in combination with breast modelling or enlargement.

How areolas are reduced

Areola reduction is performed in local or general anaesthesia; if the surgery is combined with breasts reduction, enlargement or modelling, it takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. The areolas are surgically adjusted, excess skin is removed around the edges and the wounds are sewn with absorbable stitches, eliminating the need to remove the stitches afterwards. A less visible scar remains around the circumference of the areolas.

Post-surgery care after areola reduction

After areola reduction surgery, the wound is covered with a sterile patch and gauze for approximately 14 days. Disinfection then takes place every other day to avoid infection (only on the surface). After 2 weeks, the gauze with the patch is removed, the breasts can be washed and pressure massages are recommended to reduce scar formation and achieve scar fading. It’s recommended to lubricate the area with moisturising creams. After a few days, the patient may return to her normal working process. Physical strain is allowed around 3 weeks after surgery.

Although unsightly areolas are a seemingly small aesthetic problem for some, areola reduction helps women improve their appearance and increases their self-esteem.

Why undergo surgery at our clinic?


All our dormitory rooms are designed as ICU, all our clients are constantly monitored. We adhere to quality certificates and safe procedures for plastic surgery including a back-up power supply for the entire clinic.

Recovery rooms

Are of a 5 * hotel type with their own sanitary facilities, minibars, gastronomy and adjustable premium Schroder bed.

Unique anaesthesia in the Czech Republic

Our low-flow anaesthesia is controlled by the best anaesthesiologists in the Czech Republic using HEYER's top anaesthesia units from Germany. As the only workplace in the Czech Republic, we use fully digital anaesthesia dosing


All our clients with appointments for consultations/short procedures have free parking at their disposal in the garages at our building after prior booking. You can comfortably and discreetly get to the elevator directly to the clinic.


Consultations are non-binding and free of charge.

Wi-Fi and internet

The entire clinic is covered by a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for your convenience. You can also borrow a tablet from us free of charge during your stay with us.

Surgeries paid by instalments

Any procedures at our clinic can also be paid by convenient instalments, as well as with cash.

Technical equipment

Thanks to our clinic’s cooperation with BP Medical an importer of medical technologies, we have the best technical equipment, which we constantly modernise.



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