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Anal Bleaching

The anal bleaching is a day-case aesthetic laser method focusing on removal of pigmentation around the anus in a simple way – using a depigmentation laser. Today, there is no area of the male or female body that we are unable to modify or improve. Due to ageing, genetic predispositions, hormonal effects, when the body not only loses its elasticity, but mainly unwanted pigmentation spots on the skin are formed, the anal bleaching can be used to achieve a uniform tone, smoothing and lightening.

Anal bleaching solves not only the aesthetic aspect but also helps to boost confidence and to improve the experience of intimate moments.

Depigmentation laser for anal bleaching

The laser beam is targeted to the intended area, which is broken down into tiny particles, which are then absorbed and flushed by the cell system, white corpuscles. It’s a high performance, premium laser with stable pulse and variable efficiency, without damaging the surrounding skin tissues, without the need for anaesthesia or narcosis, without the burden of organism and side risks. The laser has been awarded the FDA, CE.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

Anal bleaching is one of the day-case mini-invasive interventions, without restrictions in your normal and social life. No hospitalisation or convalescence is required. Anal bleaching is carried out using an anaesthetic cream. Through the laser beam acting, the pigment is targeted and broken in the intended area and then, they’re simply drained from the body. Anal bleaching takes less than an hour, so you can be treated at any time during day.

Procedure Benefits

Compared to other laser methods, the procedure is permanent, painless, without the need for surgery and doesn’t burden the body. Besides aesthetic aspect, it also acts psychologically, boosts confidence and improves skin condition including contour reduction and skin toning. The procedure can be combined with other aesthetic treatments.

  • Immediate effect with long-lasting result
  •  An exclusive high performance laser device with an ergonomic shape for precise control
  • Unifying the colour tone of the skin
  • Hitting the pigment without damage to the surrounding tissue
  • A safe and comfortable day-case procedure
  • Non-surgical procedure without bleeding, no need for antibiotics and analgesics
  • No need for hospitalisation and convalescence, no unwanted symptoms


Course of Treatment

Anal bleaching is a day-case procedure, without anaesthesia. The anal area is treated with anaesthetic cream and after approximately 30 minutes of cream taking effect, the area is bleached and smoothen using depigmentation laser beams. After a procedure of around 45-minutes, the patient may go home or back to work without any problems.

Before the Procedure

Although anal bleaching is a gentle procedure and is easy to tolerate, there are some limitations that prevent you from undergoing it.


  • Inflammation, acute infections, bacterial and venereological diseases
  • Tumour diseases
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Allergy, autoimmune diseases
  • Blood formation disorder
  • Diabetes, epilepsy
  • Vascular diseases, varicose veins, thrombosis
  • Cardiac problems, pacemaker

Every procedure should always be consulted with the attending physician who will discuss treatment course with you and assess the eligibility for given procedure.

After the Procedure

The effect is visible immediately; after anal bleaching, a small amount of redness or fine burning may occur that should disappear within a few hours. Anal bleaching can be repeated for maximum effect. Then, the resulting effect is permanent. It isn’t recommended to visit a swimming pool for a least 7 days after the procedure.

Beautifying and rejuvenating, combining aesthetic methods, can be simple today. The aesthetic medicine is capable of many. Even an eye-hidden area doesn’t need to be covered and untreated. You don’t need to be ashamed of anal bleaching with the effect of lightening, rejuvenation and smoothing as this new and modern treatment keeps up the time.


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