Blood Plasma Rejuvenation

Modern times require modern rejuvenation methods. Rejuvenation using your own blood, the so-called plasma therapy or plasmalifting, without the use of foreign substances is very popular. The blood plasma is used in aesthetic and corrective dermatology as one of the safest methods for smoothing wrinkles and brightening the skin with its anti-ageing and extraordinary beneficial properties. The basic rule is also based on the stimulating collagen fibres, which the body loses over time.

Why plasma?

The huge advantage of this unique method is the use of pure blood plasma, including growth regulators that have an effect on refreshing and rejuvenation. The body isn’t forced to accept any foreign substances and the treated skin is revitalise by natural regeneration. Blood plasma rejuvenation helps to solve a problem such as loose skin, smooths fine wrinkles, especially on the neck, face, décolletage or backside of hands and in addition, it has preventive anti-wrinkle effects, participates in healing wound or softens scars and stretch-marks, and it’s even helpful in treating acne and hair loss. By the way –plasma is a liquid component of blood that contains water and dissolved organic (vitamins, hormones, enzymes and minerals) and inorganic parts, so it’s really a product of the purest and richest form.

Course of Treatment

Blood plasma rejuvenation is carried out by first removing a small amount of blood from a vein, which is then centrifuged at a high revolutions in a special centrifuge so as to obtain pure, blood platelet (thrombocyte) – rich blood plasma with growth factors such as the ones stimulating the cells to produce the necessary collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. This preparation takes around 10–15 minutes. Subsequently, the plasma is injected into the predetermined areas of the skin as an aesthetic filler using several micro-needles. Before treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied on the areas of the body that are to be treated. This is a fast day-care procedure that requires no restrictions in everyday life.

Procedure Benefits

  • Day-care, 30-minute treatment
  • Painless, without need of general anaesthesia (only under local anaesthesia)
  • Effective result for up to 12 months
  • Natural gentle rejuvenation and skin-renewal method
  • No need for further recovery
  • Undemanding both time-wise and physically
  • Brightening, smoothing wrinkles, preventing ageing
  • No application of artificial substances
  • The treatment can be done anytime from spring to winter

Before the Procedure

Blood plasma rejuvenation isn’t recommended in the following cases:

  • If you’ve undergone chemical peeling or had laser treatment
  • The skin isn’t healthy or injured
  • Inflammation, infection or illness
  • A blood clotting disorder
  • Cancer
  • In the case of a blood formation disorder

Two days before the procedure, it’s not desirable to take medicines for pain or inflammation (Ibuprofen, Aulin, Diclofenac, etc.).

After Procedure

After blood plasma rejuvenating, it’s important to lubricate the treated site with a high-quality UV protection cream. In rare cases, sensitive individuals may experience minor swelling or redness at the injected area, these symptoms will disappear within a few hours. It isn’t recommended to expose the skin to sunlight for about a week.

The final effect (immediate, gradually extending up to about 4 weeks after the application) is visible undoubtedly – younger look, skin renewal and regeneration, tighter skin, the dark circles under the eyes are finer and scars, pigment spots or skin manifestations such as acne are mitigated. For an even stronger effect, it’s possible to repeat the procedure three times, but not earlier than a 4 week interval. It lasts for up to a year or even two years in some cases!

The treatment can also be combined with other non-invasive procedures, for example hyaluronic acid application, so severe wrinkles can easily be resolved.

Natural skin ageing is a part of your body, but you can extend your youth in a natural way without added substances.

Age doesn’t play a role, you play a role here.


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