Breast enlargement – augmentation

Breast enlargement, or breast surgery, is one of the most common surgical procedures for women, which is sough-after for one particular purpose. Women aren’t satisfied with the size, shape or asymmetries of their breasts. Some patients want breast enlargement for aesthetic reasons, others need to recover the size of their breasts from before pregnancy or after significant weight loss or illness. Breast enlargement is usually done with silicone implants (augmentation), which can be different shapes.

When breast enlargement is appropriate

Breast enlargement with implants is one of the most effective procedures in plastic surgery. It’s suitable for patients with small breasts, who are ashamed of their body, and this is reflected in their low self-esteem. Breast enlargement is also recommended for those, whose size or shape of breasts have changed after breastfeeding or considerable weight loss. Breast enlargement can be performed after development of the mammary gland is completed – from 18 years of age. However, the procedure isn’t recommended at this very age, or only in rare cases – more or less for health reasons, such as excessive heavy breasts, asymmetry. It’s also more appropriate to carry out the surgery only in women after delivery, because the quality of the mammary gland and tissue quite often changes during breastfeeding, and then remodelling of the already enlarged breast is necessary. Breast enlargement after delivery is performed after the woman no longer breastfeeds, usually 12 months after delivery. If a woman has already undergone breast enlargement and becomes pregnant, breast implants don’t affect breastfeeding and there is no risk for the fetus.



Basic questions of breast enlargement – Lucie Zarubova MD.

Basic issues of breast enlargement – Lucie Zarubova MD. from Premier clinic on Vimeo.

Modern breast augmentation methods – Lucie Zarubova MD.

Modern breast augmentation methods – Lucie Zarubova MD. from Premier clinic on Vimeo.

Some info about breast implants

Structure of certified silicone gel implants resembles breast tissue. They are hygienically safe, secure and solid. Either round implants or anatomical implants resembling a drop are used for breast enlargement. Implants are always selected on the basis of consultations, client’s dispositions and proportions of her body, to make the result as natural as possible.

Our clinic offers only the highest-quality breast implants from brands such as: MOTIVA, POLYTECH, NAGOR and MENTOR.


Benefits of the procedure

Breast enlargement is always designed according to patient’s individual needs, by agreement with the attending physician. For many patients, breast enlargement is an ideal solution for improving their appearance, increasing their self-esteem and restoring youthful appearance.

  • High-quality breast implants don’t jeopardise pregnancy or breastfeeding
  •  The desired aesthetic result
  • Absorbable stitches don’t need to be removed
  • A long-lasting procedure
  •  A natural shape due to anatomical implants
  • Silicone breast implants also serve to correct breast deformities

The course of treatment

Breast enlargement is performed in general anaesthesia for approximately 1-1.5 hours. Incisions approximately 4 cm long are always done under the breasts according to doctor’s the proposal, in order to create an implant placement option. Implants are placed under the breast muscle or under the mammary gland. In other less frequent cases, access from an incision in the armpit or around the areola is used for implant insertion. This depends on the patient’s body dispositions and the effect we need to achieve. Drains are introduced into the treated area, which improve drainage of the blood and tissue liquids over 24 hours, accelerate healing and eliminate inflammatory processes. After implant insertion, wounds are sutured with absorbable material.

After the surgery, the patient receives an elastic reinforced bra to fix the implants in place and is hospitalised as necessary for 1-2 days. After a check-up and the removal of drains, the patient can go home with the doctor’s instructions for home care.

Results of breast enlargement MUDr. Jurajem Payerem PhD. can also be found in independent reviews on the server plastická

Before the procedure

Breast enlargement surgery (augmentation) is an invasive surgical procedure, and one that only a patient in good health can undergo. We recommend discontinuing medications for reduction of blood clotting including acetylsalicylic acid approximately 3 weeks prior to surgery, as they may cause increased bleeding during and after the procedure. It’s also desirable to limit smoking before and after the procedure, as it would slow down slow down the healing process greatly.

After the procedure

Breast enlargement may cause swelling and soreness, which will disappear within a few days. Breast enlargement requires hospitalisation for 1-2 days, and post-surgery care is also necessary including approximately 10 days in rest mode. Elastic underwear is worn continuously for 4 days, then you can take a shower. You need to wear the elastic underwear for a month in total. Avoid physical strain and don’t visit tanning salons and saunas for 2 months. All stitches are absorbable, so they don’t need to be removed. To reduce scarring, it’s advisable to start gentle pressure massages and applying good moisturising creams after around 2 weeks. Any scars, which remain after the procedure, will fade over time..

The resulting effect is visible after approximately 3 months.


Efficient breast enlargement with high-quality implants will add volume and a more attractive look to your breasts. Today’s modern methods allow for perfect results, but regular annual check-ups after breast enlargement are recommended.

Why undergo surgery at our clinic?


All our dormitory rooms are designed as ICU, all our clients are constantly monitored. We adhere to quality certificates and safe procedures for plastic surgery including a back-up power supply for the entire clinic.

Recovery rooms

Are of a 5 * hotel type with their own sanitary facilities, minibars, gastronomy and adjustable premium Schroder bed.

Unique anaesthesia in the Czech Republic

Our low-flow anaesthesia is controlled by the best anaesthesiologists in the Czech Republic using HEYER's top anaesthesia units from Germany. As the only workplace in the Czech Republic, we use fully digital anaesthesia dosing


All our clients with appointments for consultations/short procedures have free parking at their disposal in the garages at our building after prior booking. You can comfortably and discreetly get to the elevator directly to the clinic.


Consultations are non-binding and free of charge.

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