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Chemical peeling

Medical chemical peeling helps to rejuvenate the face, get rid of pigmentation, colour-unify the skin, softens the effects of acne or scarring, tightens the eye area and clears the skin from the enlarged pores.

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49 €



Outpatient surgery






Local anesthetics



30 min



3 days

About the procedure

Quality care for quality skin. Brighten-up and rejuvenate your face, get rid of pigmentation, colour-unify the skin, soften the effects of acne or scarring, tighten the eye area, clear the skin from the enlarged pores, regenerate the skin after excessive exposure to the sun, simply improve the look – it can be a non-invasive chemical peeling method. However, in order for it to benefit the skin as accurately as it should, then the medical application of it is important.

Medical chemical peeling versus chemical peeling applied in a cosmetic salon

Chemical peeling doesn’t replace surgical rejuvenation procedures, but due to the use of concentrated chemical active substances, fruit acids and enzymes, it can act on the skin’s surface layers without damaging the lower layers of epidermis, replacing it with a new, healthier one. However, it’s important to know that only a physician knows exactly what chemical peeling your skin needs. In the hands of a cosmetician, such a concentrated substance may cause damage to the skin rather than improve its condition. If a thorough analysis of your skin isn’t carried out in a cosmetic salon, they cannot apply the right type of chemical peeling professionally. In cosmetic salons, only very low concentrations of chemical peeling can be used by law, higher concentrations are forbidden for use in cosmetic salons and may only be used by a physician.

Detailed information about the procedure

Depending on the concentration of the applied substance, duration of action and depth of penetration, we perform surface, medium deep, or deep chemical peeling. We use gentle chemical peeling to rejuvenate, regenerate and reduce facial wrinkles in the eye area. Surface peeling is suitable for skin with acne and expanded pores. Peeling used for pigment stains effectively minimises them. Regeneration and unification of the skin tone are achieved with the enzymatic peeling. For non-deep wrinkles and scars, a peeling containing lactic acid, salicylic acid, along with an exfoliating agent is suitable. Deep wrinkles or damaged skin are treated with a more concentrated chemical peeling. Both men and women can benefit from this procedure (age limit is above15 years of age); it can be combined with other aesthetic treatments, including laser treatments (using hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and mesotherapy, etc.).

Benefits of the procedure

Chemical peeling gives the skin a more youthful look, the skin is regenerated. In addition to the aesthetic and health aspects, chemical peeling also has a preventive effect.

  • checkA day-care, simple non-invasive procedure
  • checkThe skin is rejuvenated, unified, smoothed and brightened
  • checkReduction in sebum production
  • checkDesigned for all skin types
  • checkIt can be applied on the face, neck, décolletage, hands and back
  • checkQuick skin restoration

Alternative procedure – clients recommendations

Chemical peeling can be combined with other instrument treatments such as SECRET micro-needle radiofrequency or FRAXIS CO2 fraction laser.

The course of treatment

During the 10–15-minute day-care treatment, the most frequently used concentrated glycolic acid (either 15, 40 or 70%) obtained from sugar cane as a natural product is uniformly applied to the pre-cleaned and degreased area using a brush. The action of the substance will destroy the epidermal layer of the skin, resulting in almost immediate peeling and renewal. After a short period of time, the peeling mixture is neutralised and removed.



  • Specialist doctor in dermatology
  • He has extensive practical and academic experience
  • Her specialties include working with lasers, botulinum toxin and Juvederm filler materials

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Managed by Juraj Payer MD, PhD, a sought-after plastic surgeon

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