Double chin removal

Double chin removal, which forms an unsightly bag under your chin or makes your chin blend-in with the neck, can be solved simply with aesthetic and surgical medicine by sucking-out unwanted fat in this area, removing the loose skin or stretching the skin in combination with a facelift. Genetic dispositions often mean that your fat is stored in areas, where you can’t get rid of it, either with a drastic diet or excessive physical exercise. Furthermore, due to aging, the skin weakens, loses its elasticity and forms unsightly overhangs.

The course of treatment

Double chin removal is an outpatient procedure performed in local anaesthesia, analgo-sedation or general anaesthesia.

It is a gentle method of efficiently removing a double chin by liposuction, which – by inserting a small cannula through small punctures under the chin or under the earlobes – removes excess fat cells by suction. It takes around 30minutes. Afterwards, the patient receives an elastic compression bandage and can return to normal life.

The principle of double chin removal with a facelift is to make a cut from the temple area above the ears downwardly as far as the front of the earlobe, then upward through the line behind the earlobe ending the cut in the hair region. The skin is released, pulled out, the excess part removed. The wound is sutured with absorbable stitches, dressed with a bandage and fixed by elastic compression. The double chin removal procedure takes approximately 60 minutes with one-day hospitalisation and incapacity to work for one week.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Removing fat tissue to highlight facial features
  • Outpatient, simple treatment
  • Rejuvenated look
  • Excellent results with long-lasting effects
  • No visible scars

Před zákrokem

Double chin removal is a mini-invasive or invasive procedure, depending on the type of treatment. The doctor chooses the suitability and correct choice of the procedure to make it as effective as possible for the patient. Where the procedure is not appropriate:

  • Inflammation, acute infection
  • Tumour diseases
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Allergies, autoimmune diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Blood-clotting disorder
  • Cardiac and vascular disorders

After the procedure

Since a double chin removal affects very sensitive areas with nerve endings, the patient may experience pain after the surgery and small swellings may occur at the punctured spots. Pain relief medications can be administered; the swellings will disappear by themselves (it’s recommended to cool down the treated area with ice). The compression bandage should be worn for approximately 14 days. After double chin removal, it is advisable to avoid visits to a tanning salon, sauna, or increased sporting activity. Results of chin removal are long-term, if you observe a proper diet and maintain a proper weight. The results are optimum within 1-3 months, when the double chin removal is already completely visible. It also depends on the elasticity of the patient and on the dispositional stretching adaptability of the skin, so as to avoid unpleasant folds of loose skin after a double chin removal.

Double chin removal can be combined with a facelift, chin liposuction or other aesthetic treatments.

There is always something to improve. Besides the aesthetic aspect, a double chin removal also has a rejuvenating character. Adjusting the area under the chin highlights the lower part of the face, or even the entire face, the neck is extended, your self-confidence increases, and your face becomes younger. You can shape your legs by riding a bicycle, you can strengthen your hands by press-ups, but the accumulated fat in the chin can only be removed surgically.


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