Fractional Resurfacing

The fractional resurfacing utilising the high-quality, high-performance FRAXIS CO2 laser largely helps to stimulate collagen and elastin fibres to rejuvenate, strengthen, regenerate and smooth the skin. The fractional resurfacing treatment using FRAXIS CO2 laser focuses effectively on skin problem solutions such as pigmentation, scars, enlarged pores, acne skin, protuberances, birthmarks or moles, warts, stretch-marks, skin irregularities, pores and age spots.

In aesthetic, surgical, and gynaecological medicine, the cutting-edge CO2 laser is a universal tool that specifically treats the area without the need of stitches in order to obtain smoother and rejuvenated skin without scars and bleeding.

What makes the fractional CO2 laser better?

Nowadays, fractional resurfacing is one of the most modern aesthetic treatments – just the CO2 laser provides high performance, steady pulse and versatility. The key priority includes high beam absorption in water, more comfortable and safer treatment.
This laser had already found its first use in aesthetic medicine in 1964 and today, it maintains its place among the most widely used of its kind. Its efficacy meets all health and aesthetic criteria without damaging the surrounding skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

Fractional resurfacing is performed as a day-case procedure under local anaesthesia using an anaesthetic cream or under analgosedation. It’s a mini-invasive intervention that’s preferable but not conditional, to undergo during the winter months. It isn’t limited by age or gender, however, consultation is always necessary for potential patient’s adaptability to the procedure. Laser beams penetrate to a particular treated site in many miniature condensed points that cause evaporation of the top layer of epidermis without damaging surrounding or deep tissue, have renewing capability as they stimulate new collagen fibres and at the same time, act on deep wrinkles.

Fractional resurfacing also allows starting normal working mode almost immediately, depending on individual healing and regeneration capabilities as well as on the size of the treated area, the recovery time is approximately 5–10 days.

Duration of the procedure is approximately 90 minutes, including preparation.

Procedure Benefits

Besides the aesthetic aspect, improving skin appearance, fractional resurfacing also has a rejuvenating effect as it stimulates both collagen and elastin production in the long term, as well as the preventative effect as it helps to prevent health problems in the case of early removal of warts, for example. The advantage of the laser procedure for fractional resurfacing compared to surgery intervention is the minimum burden for your body.

  • Healing without scars
  • Reduced bleeding and painfulness
  • Safe and effective day-case procedure
  • Quick skin restoration
  • Targeted treatment of designated areas
  • Wrinkles reduction, skin strengthening and smoothing
  • Slowing down ageing
  • Improvement the skin quality and structure

Before and after pictures:

CO2 laser eye treatment FRAXIS.

Removing micro-wrinkles and smoothing the skin surface.

Wrinkle reduction.

Removal of micro-wrinkles and reduction of pores.


Course of Treatment

Fractional resurfacing is carried out as a day-case procedure under local anaesthesia. By creating thousands of miniature thermal pulses, the high-performance fractional laser transmits a laser beam directly to a predetermined area, where thermal energy is converted, renewal is stimulated and tissue is vaporised. The laser beam can regulate both the extent and the transmitted energy. In addition, the fractional laser beam eliminates bleeding and safety of the treated site. Immediately after treatment, the site is reddish and swollen, but the patient isn’t limited and may devote to day-to-day activities.

Before the Procedure

Fractional resurfacing belongs to safe procedures as an ideal solution for beautiful and rejuvenated skin, however, there are some limitations for its application.


  • Inflammation, infection, bacterial dermatitis
  • Tumour diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Recently suntanned skin
  • Predisposition to cold sores, scarring, or skin problems (rosacea)
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Vascular or cardiac problems, pacemaker
  • Allergy and autoimmune diseases

Tell your physician about other health problems and the medication you take in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems.

After the Procedure

Fractional resurfacing is one of the relatively comfortable procedures, treated sites can be reddish with slight swelling. After treatment, small scabs are formed on the skin, which gradually become dry and peel within 2–4 days. It’ not advisable to remove these scabs! The skin underneath remains reddish, lightens over time and creates new skin tissue.

It’s important not to expose the skin to direct sunlight or visit the solarium for at least 2 months in order to avoid unwanted pigmentation. Before healing, it’s advisable to lubricate the treated area with moisturising creams and use high quality protective creams with high UV factor. Proper care after procedure increases treatment effect.

The final result is noticeable immediately and maximises within a few months as the treated area lightens and the regenerative processes, which are provoked by fractional resurfacing and are activated, creating new skin tissue. Fractional resurfacing can be repeated several times, depending on the phototype, genetic predisposition or skin elasticity, every month (3 treatments are recommended). By adhering to the proper home care according to physician’s instructions and protection against excessive sunbathing, fractional resurfacing lasts for up to 5 years.

All of us are growing old in the same way. Ageing with grace along with accepting all your bodily imperfections is normal. However, looking younger, tightening the skin and removing unwanted scars and skin imperfections are much better – not just in order to feel self-satisfaction, but to move your body to perfection and beauty.


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