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Injection Lipolysis

The injection lipolysis is a gentle fat removing procedure and is used predominantly where liposuction isn’t advisable or possible. It’s suitable for reducing small fat deposits.



Outpatient intervention



Plastická chirurgie



Local anaesthesia



30 min



14 days

Injection Lipolysis

The lipolysis injection is part of the new generation of aesthetic procedures and its gentle procedure is used predominantly where the liposuction isn’t advisable or possible. The treatment focuses on smaller parts of the body, such as the panniculus adiposus of the arms, under the chin, on the inner thighs, sides, abdomen, on a man’s chest (gynecomastia) that cannot be removed by exercise or diet. It’s a simple, day-care method that doesn’t burden the organism and for this reason it’s a highly sought-after treatment that helps effectively model the body, it reduces small fat deposits and mitigates cellulite symptoms effectively.

A great advantage of this premium method is in its application, when a substance dissolving fat cells gradually and evenly is injected into the body. You don’t have to undergo anaesthesia or a more demanding version of the large-scale fat removal – liposuction – in addition, the procedure only takes 30 minutes. The result is gradual, however, it’s permanent if diet rules and healthy movements are followed. For even better results, the procedure can be repeated in the range of 2–4 procedures after 8 weeks.

The procedure is safe and almost painless (it’s recommended to cool the treated areas), it strengthens and balances the skin without any secondary risks. The injection lipolysis can also be combined with other non-invasive invasive procedures.

Why the lipolysis injection?

Simply, without the need for surgical intervention, you will get rid of excess fat where you don’t want it. Anywhere on your body. The lipolytic substance that is injected under the skin using micro-needles contains a natural enzyme known as phosphatidylcholine or lecithin, along with other natural active substances. The phospholipids contained in it are involved in the regulation and decomposition of fat cells and have a positive effect on blood circulation, absorption and therefore, rapid elimination from the body in a natural way.

Benefits of the procedure

  • checkDay-care non-invasive treatment without the need for hospitalisation
  • checkSimple solution of specific problematic body locality
  • checkPainless, without the need for anaesthesia
  • checkA gentle method
  • checkTime and physically undemanding
  • checkNo need to wear elastic underwear

Alternative procedure – client recommendations

Do you need to solve more problematic locations where the lipolysis injection wouldn’t have the desired effect? We offer other fat removal options as well, for example more invasive liposuction methods, vibration liposuction or laser liposuction. These types of liposuction procedures can be performed under local or general anaesthesia.

The course of treatment

During the procedure, a lipolytic substance is applied to a predetermined subcutaneous fat area through several small injections. The site isn’t necessary to desensitise. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and it’s advisable to stick to the drinking regime after its application. This is a fast day-care procedure, which requires almost no restrictions in everyday life.



  • The head doctor at Premier Clinic is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast surgery in the country
  • is a world-class breast onco-surgery specialist, lectures at international and Czech plastic surgery congresses
  • with more than 16 years of experience, he has less than 0.1% complication rate and performs more than 500 aesthetic breast augmentation surgeries per year
  • ranks among the top 3 plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the country according to national statistics of satisfaction and demand for plastic surgeons
  • Please note - appointment dates with MUDr. Lucie Zárubová can be 6 to 24 months

Before the procedure

t’s always important to consult the procedure with your attending physician. The physician will suggest, which area should be treated in order to achieve the best resulting effect.
The lipolysis injection isn’t recommended in the following cases:

Inflammation, infection or liver and kidneys diseases
Blood clotting disorder
Vascular or immune disease and allergies

It’s advisable to discontinue blood thinning medications for a week prior the procedure if your physician allows it.

Tell your physician about any problems in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems.

After the procedure

You may experience redness, swelling and bruising on the treated site after the procedure, however, they should disappear in a few days. It’s essential to stick to the drinking regime – to drink at least 2 litres of liquid daily, have a sufficient intake of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants for easier fat release. Sports activity, direct sunshine, sauna, solarium or swimming pool aren’t recommended for around a week. Within a month, there is a noticeable improvement in appearance and strengthening.

The lipolysis injection has no effect on reducing or adjusting excess weight, it contributes to form the shape of the designed body areas.

Ageing skin, loss of elasticity and strength of the body is a natural process that affects every individual regardless of age and gender. Today’s modern aesthetic and surgical medicine can help where needed. Feeling good in your own body is a positive in itself, but enjoying the best and quality care as well as helping to improve the figure or slowing down the ageing processes are options that are welcome and often necessary in the 21st century.

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