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Labia majora enlargement using your own fat

Enlargement of the labia majora with own fat is performed by modern liposuction method. An adequate amount of fatty tissue is gently suctioned from the designated area with a liposuction cannula, which is directly injected into the subcutaneous area of the labia majora.

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1 420 €



Outpatient procedure



Plastic surgery



Local anesthetics



60 min



14 days

Own fat as a benefit to improve the intimate parts

Enlargement of labia majora (outer labia) using your own fat is a modern gentle method of aesthetic and plastic surgery. An acceptable amount of fat tissue is taken in a simple manner from a certain area of the body, where there is sufficient fat (predominantly from the subcutaneous area of ​​the abdomen, thighs or buttocks), which is specially treated and then applied as a filling material to the hypodermis of outer labia, in order to increase their volume.

When is it appropriate to enlarge the labia majora with my own fat?

Quite often women resort to augmentation of the labia majora with their own fat mainly for aesthetic reasons, because in these areas, due to aging, genetic disposition, loss of fellow fibres or after a large weight loss, there is flaccidity, lack of fat tissue, overhangs or protrusion of small labia minora. All this can lead to functional (e.g. in sports, hygiene, sex life), health (infections, irritation, painful intercourse) and psychological (reduced self-esteem, shame) problems. As a rule, however, it is more or less just about aesthetics and the desire to rejuvenate the private parts. Often, however, it is also about improving sex life, as the labia are important for women, just like beautiful full breasts or a firm buttocks, etc.

Your own fat as a benefit to improving your intimate body areas

Enlargement of outer labia by using your own fat means that we use the material, which is the most natural one for your body, in order to remodel, shape and enlarge your labia without using any foreign substance, without risks or allergic reactions. Your own fat tissue, which forms the basic component of soft tissue regeneration, influences the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, is responsible for the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body and is very often used in medicine as good filling material in areas, where there is lack of it or where it’s necessary to highlight contours.

Advantages of the intervention

The great advantage of augmentation of the labia majora with the body’s own fat is the safe procedure, as the body’s own tissue is used, and the durability of the effect.

  • checkOutpatient minimally invasive procedure with local anaesthesia
  • checkDouble remodelling effect - extraction of excess fat, improved appearance
  • checkSimple solution - minimal burden on the body
  • checkMethod without scars, risks and allergic reactions
  • checkSafe and natural aesthetic medicine procedure
  • checkFat can be removed anywhere on the body where there is excess fat
  • checkGenital rejuvenation

Combination of interventions - client recommendations

Are you considering enlarging your labia using your own fat? We recommend combining this treatment with vaginal rejuvenation - a reduction in the size of the vagina after delivery, aging, etc. We use the premium CO2 gynaecological laser FRAXIS with the Gynolaser applicator for the so-called vaginal rejuvenation.

Course of treatment

Enlargement of the labia majora with own fat is performed using a modern liposuction method under local anaesthesia, but the procedure can also be performed under analgosedation or general anaesthesia. It is a minimally invasive procedure using fine cannulas and without scars, only small wounds remain in the area of suction. An adequate amount of fatty tissue is gently suctioned from the designated subcutaneous area using a liposuction cannula. Immediately after the suction, the fat is processed by special centrifugation to remove unwanted impurities and particles, then injected into the subcutaneous area of the labia majora and the treated area is covered with a plaster.

The procedure of labia majora augmentation with self-fat takes approximately one hour. The patient leaves for home treatment without any problems, without having to be hospitalized or limited in her daily life.



  • Attested plastic surgeon with experience in plastic surgery, hand surgery and aesthetic medicine.
  • Specializes in breast augmentation, liposuction and aesthetic gynecology procedures. She has been cooperating for a long time with the head doctor of Premier Clinic MUDr. Lucie Zárubová in the field of breast surgery / breast reconstruction at the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague.

Before the procedure

Enlargement of the labia majora with own fat can be evaluated as a safe treatment with very good results. It is important to discontinue the blood-clotting medication acetylsalicylic acid about 2 weeks before the procedure, and to limit smoking about 48 hours before the treatment.

After the procedure

After the labia majora have been enlarged with their own fat, small swellings or bruises may appear in the treated area, and occasionally there may be feelings of tightness which subside within a short time. Initially, the labia will appear larger in volume, and there may also be a temporary visual asymmetry, but this is only a temporary condition that will correct itself after healing. The patches are removed after 2-3 days.

It is important to follow the post-operative instructions from the attending physician, avoid wearing tight underwear, do not expose the body to excessive physical exertion for the first few days, increase drinking and intimate hygiene. After 3-5 days, office work is possible, after 14 days healing should occur, abstinence from sex is necessary immediately after the procedure, sexual intercourse is recommended only after a month.

The resulting effect of enlarging the labia majora with own fat is visible immediately, it stabilizes within 2 months. Often it also depends on the patient himself and his adaptation of absorption or not. A part of the transferred fat (usually around 20-40%) can be absorbed after a certain period of time, so it is advisable to repeat the procedure for optimization or to replenish the absorbed fat after about 3 months to half a year.

Not only beautiful breasts, but also beautiful labia represent true femininity for a woman. Previously, women accepted aging without thinking about whether they liked it or not. Today, however, aesthetic medicine has moved towards state-of-the-art and effective rejuvenation so that every woman can always find her customized treatment for what she needs to adjust and enhance.

For a natural effect, using a custom product, labia majora augmentation is the ideal solution, without the need for surgical intervention

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