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Labium Rejuvenation Using the CO2 FRAXIS Laser

Labium reduction, rejuvenation and depigmentation using the CO2 laser without the need for anaesthesia.











About the procedure

Today’s demands on the female body are high. The paragon of female beauty looks different than 100 years ago. Just as you can rejuvenate your face, enlarge your small lips or breasts, you can also rejuvenate your private parts, the labium, using a non-surgical method that doesn’t burden your body. The appearance and functionality of the labium is affected by the loss of skin elasticity that decreases over time, genetic predispositions, childbirth, fat loss and colour changes.

Laser rejuvenation of the labium in this case will not only solve aesthetic problems, but will often boost low self-esteem and help to enjoy your intimate moments to the fullest.

Why rejuvenate the labium using the CO2 FRAXIS laser?

The CO2 FRAXIS Gynolaser that is used for this treatment is a high-performance, premium laser with a stable pulse. It’s the most widely used laser in aesthetic and gynaecological medicine, it also reduces bleeding and the burden on the body, without secondary risks. Labium rejuvenation using the CO2 laser can also be combined with the treatment of vaginal rejuvenation using the CO2 Gynolaser, where the vagina is tightened in a non-invasive way, sexual experience is improved and at the same time, degree I and II incontinence can be treated.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

This is a mini-invasive procedure and therefore it has no restrictions regarding your normal and social life. The treatment takes place under local anaesthesia or analgosedation. The principle of applying the fractional CO2 laser is to stimulate the production of its own collagen and elastin cells. Based on the fractional distribution of the laser beam, it’s possible for its light beam to penetrate deeper layers of the skin with minimal damage to the upper layer (epidermis). In addition, the fractional FRAXIS CO2 laser pulses help to eliminate skin unevenness, unify the labium skin colour tone and the thermal effect rejuvenates. In the case of greater imperfections, the labia minora can be reduced to the desired size successfully without bleeding using the surgical CO2 laser.

Procedure Benefits

Compared to other methods of labiaplasty, the procedure is without major complications and surgical intervention. It takes place over a short period of time and doesn’t burden the body. Besides aesthetic aspect, it has health and psychological character, boosts confidence and improves skin condition including skin contour reduction. Nowadays, it’s one of the most effective treatments in aesthetic and gynaecological medicine, with double effect – rejuvenation and renewal of collagen and elastin fibres. The procedure can be combined with other aesthetic treatments.

  • checkImmediate effect with long-lasting result
  • checkExclusive high-performance FRAXIS GYNOLASER laser device
  • checkStrengthening the loose skin in private parts
  • checkStimulating collagen and elastin formation for the labium hypertrophy
  • checkFast healing without scars
  • checkSafe and comfortable day-care procedure
  • checkNon-surgical procedure without bleeding
  • checkNo risk effects have been reported

Combination of procedures – client recommendations

Labium rejuvenation using the CO2 laser can also be combined with vaginal rejuvenation treatment using the CO2 Gynolaser, where the vagina is tightened in a non-invasive way, sexual experience is improved and at the same time, degree I and II incontinence can be treated.

Course of Treatment

This is a day-care procedure and for more sensitive patients, analgosedation or general anaesthesia can be used.

When rejuvenating the labium using the fractional laser, the patient can go home or back to work without any problems after approximately 20–30 minutes. The surgical laser technique requires hospitalisation for about 2–4 hours after the procedure.

Before the procedure

Despite the fact that it’s a gentle procedure that is tolerated without any problems, it’s also necessary to pay attention that this procedure isn’t suitable for everyone.


Inflammation, acute infections, bacterial and venereological diseases
Oncological diseases including skin cancer
Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Allergies or autoimmune diseases
Blood formation disorder
Vascular diseases, varicose veins and thrombosis
Cardiac problems or a pacemaker

Every procedure, even non-invasive, should always be consulted with the attending physician who will discuss the course of treatment with you and assess your eligibility for the given procedure.

After the procedure

Sexual intercourse, the swimming pool, bathing or visit to solariums aren’t recommended for the first 5 days. Then, there are no restrictions. After surgery, you should take care of the treated area, as instructed by the attending physician.

The paragon of beauty doesn’t exist, there is only a desire not only to be beautiful for oneself, but also for the moments when something that is usually hidden from eyes is visible at a certain point. Don’t settle for what the nature has given you, spoil yourself with a professional rejuvenation of private parts to make you happy and satisfied in your body. We can help you.

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