Laser Liposuction Slim Sculpt

Laser Liposuction Slim Sculpt as a solution for excess kilogrammes and body modelling can be characterised as one of the most cost-effective liposuctions in aesthetic medicine. It focuses on fat cells in problematic areas such as the belly, above-knee areas, thighs, buttocks, double chin, arms; it helps where diets and exercise no longer help. Laser liposuction is gentle for the organism and it removes fat tissue very efficiently through a thin laser cannula with a 980 nm wavelength, which also makes the skin smoother and removes cellulite. Its advantage over traditional tumescent liposuction is a more even effect. Laser liposuction at our clinic is performed with a premium liposuction laser from the German company ARC Laser for the Slim Sculpt brand with a wavelength of 980 nm.

A demanding lifestyle often leads to an accumulation of unnecessary fat reserves, which can be uncompromisingly eliminated with laser liposuction.

Why laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction, or effective fat tissue breakdown, is one of the most gentle, safe and effective liposuctions today. It doesn’t solve excessive weight issues, but the laser beam uses its energy, transforming it into thermal energy, and dissolves fatty tissue deep in the subcutaneous region, which is then sucked out by a cannula after its dissolution, as in the case of classical tumescent liposuction (fat in smaller regions doesn’t need to be sucked out, it can be left in place and the body then processes the fat on its own). Furthermore, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres, which help to shape and improve the figure and contribute to the already mentioned skin strengthening.

More information regarding the procedure ­

It’s an invasive procedure performed in an operating theatre in local anaesthesia, analgo-sedation or general anaesthesia, always depending on which body areas will be treated. After delineating the areas for treatment, a tumescent substance is injected into the subcutaneous tissue, which makes the tissue numb and splits the fat cells. Afterwards, a thin laser fibre is introduced into the designated areas, whereby the thermal effect dissolve the fat, which is then sucked out via a special liposuction cannula from the Swiss Nouvag liposuction station. The body is evenly shaped by removing the fatty tissue. Laser liposuction is always conditioned by a consultation with a doctor regarding the eligibility for the procedure. The required time is 60 minutes to 3 hours according to the number of treated areas.

Benefits of the procedure

Laser liposuction both solves the aesthetic aspect and improves appearance, but it removes unwanted fat from the body without the need for starvation. Compared with other liposuctions, the fat is dissolved thereby minimising unevenness on the skin and the surrounding tissues aren’t damaged.

  •  A simple solution for targeted fat removal from problematic areas
  • Minimising bleeding, swelling, scarring, bruising
  • Minimum convalescence time
  • A gentle and effective procedure
  • A lasting solution if you observe an adequate diet
  • Strengthened and improved skin
  • Detailed body shaping

The treatment course

Laser liposuction takes place in an operating theatre under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. A tumescent solution with an anaesthetic substance is injected into predetermined problematic parts of the body through a tiny injection spot for the purpose of reduced bleeding and tissue desensitisation, allowing the painlessness of the procedure and the breakdown of fat cells. Subsequently, the fat tissue is destroyed by a laser approximately 1.5 – 2 mm in diameter and then sucked out via under-pressure thin cannulas. Laser liposuction by thermal treatment of subcutaneous fat also eliminates cellulite manifestations and strengthens the skin.

Suction is painless, the anaesthetic effect lasts at least 20 hours after the treatment, stitching is not necessary.

Before the procedure

Laser liposuction is intended for both women and men, also suitable for skinny people, who wish to eliminate fatty cushions in unsuitable places of their body. It also helps to smooth the unevenness after failed liposuctions. It’s always necessary to consult the attending physician, who will suggest the most optimal solution, so that the result is as acceptable for your body as possible.



  • Acute inflammation, infections
  • Tumour diseases
  • Epilepsy, diabetes
  • Cardiac and vascular disorders
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Blood-clotting disorder

It is advisable to discontinue blood thinners at least 14 days prior to the procedure, if your doctor allows it, including medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid. Notify the doctor about all your health problems and medication you are taking – in order to avoid subsequent unnecessary problems.

After the procedure

The procedure is relatively well tolerated, but slight swelling may appear in the treated areas and bruising may occur at the injection spots, which will disappear within a few days. Hospitalisation in case of general anaesthesia is 1 day and you can return to normal life after 24 hours. You should only perform easier activities for at least 2 weeks for the purpose of faster healing. It’s also necessary to wear special elastic underwear for 28 days, even overnight. Drinking enough liquids is a matter of course! Laser liposuction is a procedure with minimal risks, but we don’t recommend visiting a sauna, tanning salons, swimming pools or increased physical activity in the post-operative period for around 14 days.

Laser liposuction has a lasting effect, if you observe the right diet and lifestyle, including healthy movement. However, each client has individual genetic predispositions for shrinking, elasticity. Elasticity of the skin decreases with age, so it’s sometimes necessary to repeat the procedure. The final result is visible immediately, but it’s gradually intensifying for a quarter of a year, after which the treated areas are definitively shaped.

Nature and genetic dispositions are unpredictable. However, today, we can solve every aesthetic problem. You may be young, old, slim or fat, but you will always find something that you are unhappy with. Subcutaneous fats are healthy in some ways, but only to a small extent. If they are stored in places, which burden the body or steal your self-esteem, laser liposuction is more than ideal for you.

Why undergo surgery at our clinic?


All our dormitory rooms are designed as ICU, all our clients are constantly monitored. We adhere to quality certificates and safe procedures for plastic surgery including a back-up power supply for the entire clinic.

Recovery rooms

Are of a 5 * hotel type with their own sanitary facilities, minibars, gastronomy and adjustable premium Schroder bed.

Unique anaesthesia in the Czech Republic

Our low-flow anaesthesia is controlled by the best anaesthesiologists in the Czech Republic using HEYER's top anaesthesia units from Germany. As the only workplace in the Czech Republic, we use fully digital anaesthesia dosing


All our clients with appointments for consultations/short procedures have free parking at their disposal in the garages at our building after prior booking. You can comfortably and discreetly get to the elevator directly to the clinic.


Consultations are non-binding and free of charge.

Wi-Fi and internet

The entire clinic is covered by a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for your convenience. You can also borrow a tablet from us free of charge during your stay with us.

Surgeries paid by instalments

Any procedures at our clinic can also be paid by convenient instalments, as well as with cash.

Technical equipment

Thanks to our clinic’s cooperation with BP Medical an importer of medical technologies, we have the best technical equipment, which we constantly modernise.



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