he modern era of aesthetic treatments demand modern approaches and searching for new methods, which would replace classic injectable fillers and therefore, contribute to rejuvenation. Today, one of the most natural methods is lipo-filling. In lipo-filling, we use the body’s own filling material – fat, adipose tissue – in the areas of the body, which we need to aesthetically improve, for example, for filling the lips, hollow cheeks, for breast enlargement, deep nasal labial lines, problematic areas under the eyes, or smoothing-out wrinkles. Lipo-filling delivers a simple solution for remodelling the face and body without using foreign substances, without risks and allergic reactions.

Why do we use body’s own fat to improve the body?

Fat tissue is one of the basic components of soft tissues renewal, which is responsible for skin elasticity and the amount of subcutaneous fat. Due to aging, the ability to regenerate and produce fat cells disappears and there is a loss of elasticity. Using lipo-filling, parts of the body or face can be “repaired” or filled with a contribution of body’s own fat.

A great advantage of lipo-filling is the use of natural ingredients for filling the treated parts, correcting wrinkles, circles under the eyes, with a positive result for strengthening and beautifying. Therefore, the body is not forced to accept any foreign products and a clean substance is inserted into the skin, which the body receives well, and the procedure also improves the skin, which has an unhealthy appearance after excessive sunbathing, smoking or stress.

More information regarding the procedure

Lipo-filling, or filling with the body’s own fat, makes it possible to obtain a high-quality filling product for contour enhancement. Simply said, a certain amount of excess fat is taken from a certain part of the body by means of liposuction cannulas and then it’s applied to predetermined areas in order to provide more volume to the face, and also to the breasts and buttocks. The whole procedure takes about an hour, depending on the treated area. The procedure can be combined with some aesthetic treatments and it is suitable for both men and women.

The treated area of ​​the skin is filled and regenerated. There is no need for long-term convalescence. The patient may return to his/her normal working regime the next day.

Benefits of the procedure

  • An outpatient mini-invasive procedure under local anaesthesia (but it can also be done under general anaesthesia)
  • A sufficient quantity of body’s own product
  • Simple treatment with one-day hospitalisation
  • A procedure without scarring, risks and allergies
  • A safe and natural method of aesthetic medicine
  • Fat can be taken from anywhere on the body, where there is excess

The course of the treatment (how it takes place)

An outpatient, a mini-invasive procedure under local anaesthesia or analgo-sedation / general anaesthesia is performed by removing some of the fat from an area, where there is enough fat, through a small liposuction cannula; then the fat is processed (skimming of undesirable impurities and particles) and injected into predetermined locations on the face or other body parts, where the appearance needs to be improved or a form needs to be filled.

Before the procedure

The procedure is relatively well tolerated, but it’s advisable to know, for whom it isn’t recommended:

  • In case of inflammation, infection or illness
  • Blood-clotting disorder
  • Tumour diseases
  • Mouth ulcers, inflammations of the oral cavity (in case of application of your own fat into the lips)

Notify the doctor about all your health problems – in order to avoid subsequent unnecessary problems. A consultation with a doctor is always necessary in order to assess the eligibility of a particular patient for the procedure.

After the procedure

After the procedure, swellings or bruises may appear on the body, which disappear after a short period. It’s advisable to repeatedly cool down the treated area. Part of the fat may be absorbed after a certain period of time, so it may be necessary to repeat or complement the procedure, but it is known from practice that the results are very good and long lasting. After the treatment, it’s advisable not to expose the skin to sunshine for approximately 2 weeks and avoid a swimming pool for at least one week. The effect is visible almost immediately, but it may manifest itself within 10 days in some people.

For those, who are supporters of the most natural rejuvenation with the use of their own product, this method is the best solution offered by aesthetic medicine. You can have a younger and fresh look even without the need for surgical procedures!


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