Non-surgical rhinoplasty – nose correction

Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose correction) is an ideal and simple solution without surgical intervention for everyone, who isn’t satisfied with the most dominant part of their face, the nose.
It is mainly an aesthetic problem, when you don’t like the asymmetry of your nose – its shape or a post-traumatic deformity. It is possible to enlarge it, shape it, adjust deviations, all this by means of a simple non-surgical procedure with rhinoplasty, the principle of which is based on the application of high-quality hyaluronic acid based fillers into the nasal subcutaneous tissue. More complicated nose adjustments need to be solved by means of surgery, the so-called classic rhinoplasty.

Nowadays, nose adjustments are one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment is unrivalled in this respect and it is friendly to the body, as opposed to plastic- surgery on the nose.

Dermal hyaluronic acid based fillers

The best results in nose shaping can be achieved due to high-quality natural dermal fillers. In non-surgical rhinoplasty, gel-type dermal fillers with cross-linked hyaluronic acid are used, which are fully absorbed and which also improve the appearance safely and without side-effects – the substance, which is injected under the skin is natural for the body, it is found among the body cells and used in many medical disciplines, among others, to reduce and eliminate wrinkles. In addition, it significantly contributes to cellular skin regeneration.

More information concerning the procedure

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is one of the less demanding, gentle mini-invasive treatments; it’s an outpatient treatment under local anaesthesia, so it’s painless. The filler substance is inserted into areas of the nose subcutaneous tissue, which are determined in advance, by means of an injection method – thin needles – in order to achieve the desired shape.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple procedure lasting approximately 30 minutes to an hour, allowing for a return to work and your personal life without restrictions, without the need for convalescence.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty versus classic rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a mini-invasive procedure performed under local anaesthesia – it can solve virtually any asymmetry of the nose, but it doesn’t solve surgical changes of the nose bones or cartilages. It is a gentle procedure friendly to the organism and you can then return to everyday life without limitations.

Classical surgical rhinoplasty is done under general anaesthesia and therefore burdening the organism more, it has a longer recovery (healing) period, including necessary hospitalisation and incapacity to work. It can solve any asymmetries and can also be used to surgically intervene in the bones or cartilaginous parts of the nose. Sometimes, this adjustment may not meet your criteria and remodelling is needed, which again burdens the body.

Benefits of the procedure

In nose modelling by means of non-surgical rhinoplasty, only top-quality and top-of-the-range dermal fillers are used, which simply repair the appearance of the nose without burdening the body. Furthermore, they have natural effects. This outpatient mini-invasive intervention, non-surgical rhinoplasty, will lift your confidence and give the face a proper and natural expression.

  •  A visible effect improving your appearance
  • No need for hospitalisation
  • No need for convalescence
  • A fast, painless procedure without scars
  • A safe method of aesthetic medicine, which doesn’t burden the organism.
  • A natural look with fully absorbable dermal fillers
  • Easy application

The course of the treatment

After local anaesthesia or application of anaesthetic cream, the required amount of filler substance is injected into the designated nasal area with micro-needles. The procedure takes approximately 30-60 minutes. The patient then simply leaves for home or for work with medical instructions for post-operative care. The treated area may be swollen, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

Before the procedure

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a fast, safe and trouble-free procedure, but there are some limitations, when it isn’t appropriate.


  • Inflammation, infection, bacterial dermatitis
  • Blood-clotting disorder
  • Tumour diseases
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Allergies, autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic angina pectoris
  • Positive HIV, AIDS

Notify the attending physician regarding any other health problems and medication you are taking to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems. It’s always necessary to consult a doctor for an eligibility assessment for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

It isn’t appropriate to use medication with acetylsalicylic acid and painkillers for one week prior to the procedure.

After the procedure

The results are immediately visible, the final result takes 1-2 weeks and lasts for up to 12 months, sometimes longer.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is well tolerated, but swelling, redness, bruising and little pain may occur in the areas of injection. However, these reactions will disappear within 3 days. It’s recommended that you avoid visiting a sauna, solarium or sunbathing for the first couple of days.

Depending on the body absorbing the substance, the procedure lasts for 6-12 months, then it can be repeated. Combination with other non-invasive treatments is always possible after consultation with a doctor.

Today, aesthetic medicine offers many options for improving your appearance. If it involves application of a natural substance, without the need for surgery, it’s more acceptable for the body. However, we also always try to find an effective treatment for you which is appropriate for your health. Each aesthetic change on your face, no matter how small, can alter your expression, so be prepared for that. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, in any case, will help you to feel more satisfied and will lift your self-esteem.


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