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Removal of sweating with botulinum toxin

An easy, elegant and highly effective solution is the removal of excessive sweating with botulinum toxin. This very effectively acts on the endings of the sweat glands and by blocking them prevents the activation of sweating in a specific place.

Price from:

355 €



Outpatient procedure






Local anesthetics



30 min



7 days

About the procedure

Today, sweat removal can be solved effectively with botulinum toxin. Excessive sweating, limits people in both social and personal life and is problematic for many of us. It can be the hyperhidrosis that is induced genetically and can’t be eliminated with any medication and isn’t expected to disappear by itself. Or, it’s excessive sweating, which is a problem during the summer months. However, the increased sweat gland reaction is also known during the winter season, as a result of stress reactions, inappropriate regimen and psychological stress or a side effect to some sort of diseases such as diabetes, excess weight or thyroid disorder

Professional removal of sweating with Botulinum toxin is an easy, elegant and highly effective solution. It works very effectively on the sweat gland endings and blocks them from sweat activation in a specific location.

Botulinum toxin in practice

Botulinum toxin has been used for many years with its therapeutic effects in the medical sector, in aesthetic and corrective dermatology for its extraordinary and safe method with rapid effect not only to remove wrinkles, but for its ability to inhibit the function of the sweat glands, botulinum toxin is used to eliminate excessive sweating – in application in very small, harmless quantities and without side risks.
Botulinum toxin has been used for medical purposes since 1989, the first time being in ophthalmology.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

The removal of sweating with botulinum toxin can be applied in the armpits, on the back, on the palms or feet and on the forehead. This is a painless, day-care procedure; for a more sensitive patient, an anaesthetic cream can be applied to the treated site; in the case of the removal of excessive sweating on the soles of the feet, which can be perceived as more painful, then the analgosedation is recommended. The botulinum toxin is inserted using thin needles through several punctures under the skin into predetermined sites. After the procedure, the patient can then return to work and their personal life normally, without restrictions or the need for convalescence. You don’t need to be afraid of relocating or increasing sweating on other areas of the body. This is a short, quarter-hour procedure that can be performed at any time during the day. The resulting effect after the botulinum toxin application occurs within 24 hours, more markedly 2–8 days after the treatment and lasts for 6 to 12 months, depending on each individual patient. Then, it’s advisable to repeat the procedure. The treatment is recommended for women and men from the age of 18. Removal of sweating with botulinum toxin is used in the areas affected by the greatest sweat production; the procedure can be combined with other non-invasive procedures such as the application of hyaluronic acid fillers or meso-threads.

Benefits of the intervention

  • checkNon-invasive outpatient method
  • checkNo anaesthesia - painless treatment, only under local anaesthesia
  • checkFast effective result lasting 6 to 12 months
  • checkWithout the need for convalescence
  • checkTime-saving before and after the intervention
  • checkRegulation of the sweat glands in a specific location without limiting thermoregulation in other locations
  • checkCan be done at any time of the year

Alternative procedures – client recommendations

The SECRET Microneedle Radiofrequency is able to solve the removal of sweating and can be used as an alternative to the botulinum toxin method. Our clinic also provides removal of sweating with the use of a laser. Unlike botulinum toxin, the results of these methods may last longer.

Course of treatment

The procedure is time-saving and a numbing cream can be applied to the treated skin area. The treatment is effective, quick and safe. With a thin needle, in a series of short injections, botulinum toxin is injected into areas showing excessive sweating, blocking the sweat glands in the designated area. The functions of the sweat glands on other parts of the body are maintained with natural thermoregulation continuing.

Botulinum toxin, which is professionally applied under the skin, is 1000 times lower in concentration than for use in other medical disciplines, therefore its use is safe.



  • Specialist doctor in dermatology
  • He has extensive practical and academic experience
  • Her specialties include working with lasers, botulinum toxin and Juvederm filler materials

Trust your care to the Premium Plastic Surgery Clinic

Managed by Juraj Payer MD, PhD, a sought-after plastic surgeon

Before the procedure

The appropriateness of the removal of excessive sweating with botulinum toxin, should be assessed and decided by your physician.

After the procedure

The treatment is safe, without scars and it’s possible to undergo the procedure in combination with other non-invasive methods.

After the procedure, swellings, bruises or redness may occur at the treatment site, this should disappear in approximately 2 days. The procedure is tolerated without difficulty and in rare cases, there may be problems such as headaches, muscle indisposition, but only for a short period. After the procedure, it’s necessary to avoid visiting a sauna, solarium and you mustn’t perform any physically demanding work for 2 days.

All the unpleasant and feelings of torment associated with excessive sweating will be released simply and gently by the botulinum toxin application. Sweat is natural, but not always pleasant. Furthermore, if it causes any limitations in your personal and social life, it’s high time to change it!

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