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Plastic buttock surgery

Modelling buttocks into the desired shape by filling them with silicone implants or with your own fat.











About the procedure

Plastic buttock surgery effectively strengthens and shapes the skin on your buttocks by means of silicone implants or the liposuction technique using your own fat. Nowadays, plastic buttock surgery is a standard method abroad, for example, together with adjustment of imperfect, small or drooping breasts.

Which adjustment is the best one for you?

Buttock surgery offers the ideal solution for the use of quality implants of different shapes, sizes and profiles, for those who need to add volume to the loose skin on their buttocks, or to enlarge the size of the buttocks. If liposuction is used, the body’s own fat is transferred to the buttocks, which carries fewer risks, but part of the transferred fat (30-50%) will be absorbed during the healing process. As regards this method it is always important to get enough fat tissue, most often from the hips or thighs, but this is not always possible in very slender patients. Plastic buttock surgery can be combined with liposuction for an optimum effect in order to achieve the correct shape of the buttocks.

For whom implants are suitable

Aging results in the loss of body elasticity, so the effect of the method wouldn’t be achieved or guaranteed in such a case. Plastic buttock surgery with the use of implants is suitable to strengthen the skin, to achieve the desired effect of rounding, lifting and stretching loose skin beneath the buttocks, always depending on individualities of the patient. Plastic buttock surgery is intended for those, who aren’t happy with their small, asymmetrical, flat buttock.

Benefits of the procedure

  • checkImproving aesthetic appearance, increasing self-confidence
  • checkLong-lasting effect
  • checkMultiple options of combinations with other procedures
  • checkOnly little bleeding
  • checkSafe surgery
  • checkNo visible scars

The course of treatment

Buttock surgery is performed in general anaesthesia for approximately 60 minutes. To make the scars less noticeable, the incision for insertion of the implants is between the halves of the buttocks (after healing, the scar gradually fades and therefore isn’t visible). The implant is then inserted into the area under the gluteal muscle, which helps to fix the implant, so that it doesn’t move downwards. It’s important to insert the implant outside of the buttock area, because it’s the most burdened body part, for example when sitting.

The patient then needs to wear elastic underwear and is hospitalised for 24 hours.



  • The head doctor at Premier Clinic is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons for breast surgery in the country
  • is a world-class breast onco-surgery specialist, lectures at international and Czech plastic surgery congresses
  • with more than 16 years of experience, he has less than 0.1% complication rate and performs more than 500 aesthetic breast augmentation surgeries per year
  • ranks among the top 3 plastic surgeons for breast augmentation in the country according to national statistics of satisfaction and demand for plastic surgeons
  • Please note - appointment dates with MUDr. Lucie Zárubová can be 6 to 24 months

Before the procedure

Plastic buttock surgery is an invasive aesthetic and surgical procedure, which requires a healthy patient. Before the procedure, it’s necessary to discontinue blood-thinning medications for approximately 14 days, and to limit smoking.

After the procedure

After buttock surgery, the treated areas may exhibit more or less pain or unpleasant feelings such as swelling, straining, bruising, which will disappear within a few days.

Buttock surgery requires hospitalisation for 1-2 days, and post-surgery care which consists of sleeping on your stomach for approximately one week; sitting isn’t recommended for at least 3 days, convalescence is recommended for 14 days (no physical strain and no sports). You can go back to work after 2 weeks. To achieve the best effect, you shouldn’t work-out on the gluteal muscles for 6 weeks. After that, it’s possible to continue your normal working and everyday life without limitations.

The result also depends on the quality of the skin and subcutaneous fat, as well as the health condition, so that the proportion or weight of the implants isn’t inappropriate, which in rare cases could lead to restriction of sports activities or back pain. The final result is visible within a quarter of a year.

Keep in mind that the buttocks will look fuller than you expected in the first few days after surgery. This is a normal phenomenon, as the implanted silicones gradually settle down into the desired shape in the buttock area.

Your wish to have perfectly formed buttocks may become reality. However, it’s always important to make the procedure as natural as possible, so that buttock surgery is comparable in size to your body. The area of buttocks is one of the most burdened areas, but it’s also the area, which is most difficult to shape just by exercising. For a long-lasting effect, we recommend: maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle.

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