Plastic surgery on the arm

Plastic surgery on the arm effectively removes and reduces loose and excess skin in problematic areas, including skin walls and folds. Quite often this isn’t just an aesthetic problem, from which mostly women suffer, it can also have a preventative effect on skin folds that don’t allow proper hygiene and therefore, they’re prone to inflammatory skin problems such as eczema, infection, etc.

Plastic surgery on the arm can be combined with liposuction for optimum effect, in order to shape and remove excess fatty tissue.

When is the procedure of Plastic surgery on the arm appropriate?

Loss of elasticity and flexibility of the body, both due to genetic dispositions as well as due to aging, results in the inability to strengthen loose skin in the mentioned areas of ​​the arms. After considerable weight loss, the skin on the arms may form unpleasant skin overhangs, which can’t be stretched by any exercising. Plastic surgery on the arm effectively eliminates all these troubles and helps to achieve slender arms. If the patient has sufficiently elastic skin and is suffering from excessive fatty tissue in these places, they can undergo fat removal by liposuction only, as their elastic skin has the ability to stretch and strengthen without creating any unevenness. If mere liposuction isn’t sufficient, as it could result in significant hollow spots and unsightly uneven areas, the only solution is Plastic surgery on the arm.

Benefits of the procedure

Plastic surgery on the arm strengthens and visibly beautifies skin on the arms, and helps to form the correct and acceptable shape of the arms after weight loss, depending on the reduced elasticity of the skin.

  • Improving appearance, increasing self-confidence
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Multiple options to combine with other procedures
  • Perfect body-shaping in problematic areas
  • Removing excess fat tissue, excess skin for a perfect figure
  • A safe surgery without serious complications
  • Resulting scars are always chosen to be as inconspicuous as possible


The course of the treatment

Plastic surgery on the arm is performed in general anaesthesia for approximately 1 hour. The cuts are carried out in predetermined areas, excess loose skin walls or even excess fat tissues may be removed, if necessary.

The cuts are done longitudinally inside the arms (from the armpits to the inner elbow area). Drains are put into the treated area, in order to remove blood and tissue liquids faster, achieve faster healing and at the same time to eliminate inflammatory processes, etc. The treated area is disinfected and covered with sterile gauze. After Plastic surgery on the arm, the patient receives elastic bandage or patch and is hospitalised, then the drains are removed and the patient can leave with doctor’s instructions for home care.

Before the procedure

Plastic surgery on the arm is an invasive surgical procedure, and only healthy patients are admitted for the surgery. Approximately 3 weeks prior to surgery, blood-clotting drugs and drugs with acetylsalicylic acid should be discontinued, as they could cause increased bleeding during and after the procedure. It is very desirable to reduce smoking before and after surgery.

After surgery

After Plastic surgery on the arm, the treated areas may exhibit greater pain, swelling, bruising, or a temporary loss of sensitivity, which is normal and disappears within a few days. Plastic surgery on the arm requires hospitalisation for 1-2 days and post-surgery care, which consists of rest mode for approximately 2 weeks, wearing elastic underwear and bandages. Bear in mind that you will need to just lay in bed and rest for 1-2 days after the procedure.

After Plastic surgery on the arm, it’s recommended to continue rest mode for approximately a week and it’s necessary to wear an elastic bandage or a special sleeve for around a month (except during personal hygiene). You must avoid heavy physical strain, which is only acceptable after 4-6 weeks. You can go to work after 7 days. All stitches are absorbable, without the need for removal. To eliminate the scars, it’s appropriate to start gentle pressure massages and to apply good moisturising creams after about 14 days. The scars that remain after the procedure will fade over time.

The resulting effect is usually lasting and problem-free, but it also depends on the skin quality, individual healing capability and proper post-surgery care. There’s no need to repeat the procedure, if you maintain a constant weight.


A perfect body is the dream of many women. They often see themselves as beautiful, slender and desirable in their imagination, however, they’re unable to shape some areas on their bodies with mere exercise or diet, so it’s necessary to adjust the problem areas with the help of high-quality medical equipment and professional experts. The decision is entirely up to you, whether you want to look better and feel confident in your body. Remember that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and thinking in order to keep the effect as long as possible.


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