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Skin growths laser removal

Using the CO2 laser, we will remove all unwanted structures of your body such as condyloma, verrucas and other skin growths.

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About the procedure

Nowadays, many of us are struggling, albeit unhappily with various skin growths, such as birthmarks, genital warts (condyloma), verrucas, fibromas and freckles. Often, it’s an aesthetic reason for removal, however, it’s good not to underestimate any structure on the body (they can be found anywhere) and always prefer to undergo an examination to assess the health risk. There are serious reasons for their removal because most of them are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and spread through the body by contact, so there is a risk of spreading the infection to other parts of the body. It’s also important to exclude whether it’s a benign structure.

An effective remedy for the removal of all skin growths in aesthetic, surgical and gynaecological medicine is the use of a high-quality and high-performance CO2 laser designed for targeted treatment without the need for stitches to obtain smoother skin without scars and bleeding. Our workplace has the latest model of the cutting-edge powerful FRAXIS laser.

Why a CO2 laser and not another?

Because the CO2 laser has great performance, a steady pulse and is variable, so it can be used for many procedures in one workplace; its high priority includes the high beam absorption in water and its action as an evaporation system. The device is suitable for removing skin growths anywhere on the body. The laser also has excellent coagulation properties – it means, that the procedure is without bleeding.

By the way –in 1964, this laser had already began to be used for aesthetic purposes and nowadays it’s the most used of its kind in terms of skin, it has undergone modernisation and its effectiveness meets all health and aesthetic expectations without damaging the surrounding skin tissues.

Detailed information regarding the procedure

This is a day-care, mini-invasive procedure carried out under local anaesthesia. It’s recommended to undergo this procedure in the cooler months, but not unconditionally. It isn’t limited by age or gender, however, consultation is always necessary for a potential patient’s adaptability to the procedure. The treated area is smoothed, long convalescence isn’t necessary, as the procedure allows immediate involvement into normal working life. The procedure takes 15–30 minutes.

Benefits of the procedure

Besides the aesthetic aspect and the improvement in the skin’s appearance, the removal of skin defects also has a preventive effect, because it helps to prevent health problems in early removal. The advantage of laser procedure compared to surgery is the minimal burden on the organism; other positives include:

  • checkFast healing without scars
  • checkReduced bleeding and painfulness
  • checkSafe and effective day-case procedure
  • checkQuick skin restoration

Trust your care to the Premium Plastic Surgery Clinic

Managed by Juraj Payer MD, PhD, a sought-after plastic surgeon

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The course of treatment

The procedure is carried out as a day-case procedure under local anaesthesia. The laser transmits a direct laser beam to a predetermined site, the bod thereby evaporates (vaporises) the tissue. The laser beam can be adjusted in terms of both diameter and transmitted energy. The skin growth is either cut out or completely eliminated – evaporated. At the same time, the laser beam safely helps stop the bleeding on the treated area.
The removed structure is sent for histological examination, as required.



  • Specialist doctor in dermatology
  • He has extensive practical and academic experience
  • Her specialties include working with lasers, botulinum toxin and Juvederm filler materials

Only excellent equipment

At our Plastic Surgery Clinic, we only have the latest generation of lasers – the FRAXIS model.
With FRAXIS laser technology, the treatment is faster and less painful for a patient.

Our results


  • Removal of the condyloma, verruca or warts etc. is a procedure that causes skin disruption and is limited if:
  • You experience inflammation or infection
  • You are treated for a cancer
  • You are treated for epilepsy
  • You have freshly suntanned or burned skin
  • You have predisposition to cold sores, scarring or skin problems, such as psoriasis
  • You experience an acute herpes simplex virus
  • High-risk pregnancy

Tell your physician about other health problems in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent problems

Before the procedure

It’s highly desirable that every skin growth is examined by a physician, together with the treatment suitability for the most optimal course. Skin growths or fibromas can be different in size and often coincide with skin colour and only a specialist can best evaluate the situation. Genital warts (condyloma) don’t exclude repeated removal.

After the procedure

The procedure is tolerated relatively well; the treated areas may be reddened. A large treated area is covered with a patch that will be removed after 2–3 days. It isn’t necessary to cover a small area. After treatment, a scab forms on the skin, which gradually becomes dry and peels in a short period. It isn’t advisable to remove these scabs! The skin underneath remains reddish and lightens over time, creating new skin tissue. Large restrictions aren’t required, however it’s important not to expose the skin to direct sunlight or visit a solarium for at least one months in order to avoid unwanted pigmentation. It’s advisable to use a quality protective cream with a high UV factor on the treated area until it’s completely healed.

Hospitalisation isn’t necessary and involvement in everyday life is almost immediate. The convalescence period after removal of a verruca, condyloma and skin growths, etc. depends on the patient’s healing capabilities and proper care of the treated area.

The resulting effect is visible within a week to a few months, when the site becomes lighter after the treatment – the CO2 laser procedure activates the regenerative processes of cells to create new tissue for faster healing.

Every skin may be beautiful, but healthy skin is more important. Therefore, don’t underestimate skin growths, contact specialists and let us not only eliminate those that you feel are unsightly, but also those that can be dangerous to your health.

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