Breast enlargement using your own fat

Today, breast enlargement using your own fat competes with methods of aesthetic and plastic surgery and often replaces more demanding and complicated breast surgery. A sufficient amount of fat tissue is removed from a certain place on the body in a simple and gentle way, and this fat tissue is subsequently processed and applied as a filling material into the breasts.

What is the benefit of using your own fat for improving your body?

During breast enlargement using your own fat, we use the substance, which is most natural for your body – your own fat tissue, which serves to remodel, shape and replenish breasts, resolve breast asymmetry or other unsightly deviations without the using foreign elements, risks and allergic reactions. Fat tissue, which forms the basic component of soft tissue regeneration, influences the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, is responsible for the amount of subcutaneous fat in the body and is very often used in medicine as good filling material in areas, where there is lack of it.
An alternative procedure

For whom breast enlargement using one’s own fat is appropriate

It isn’t possible to expect breast enlargement to fit your dreams exactly or having proportions like a celebrity with a huge chest. Breast enlargement using your own fat only shapes the breasts and increases their volume by one size. Therefore, the procedure is suitable for those, who don’t expect a huge breast enlargement, but simply want to emphasize their décolletage or improve contours of their breasts or those who are afraid of silicones and prefer a natural form of treatment. Another important factor regarding efficient breast enlargement using your own fat is that you have enough fat (at least 600 ml), which isn’t always true in case of slimmer women. Also, a sufficient amount of fat tissue isn’t enough to guarantee success; it’s also necessary for the fat tissue to be sufficiently perfused with blood, so that the fat won’t be absorbed quickly. Otherwise, the procedure needs to be repeated.


Breast enlargement using your own fat is performed by means of a modern liposuction vibration method. A suitable amount of fat tissue is gently sucked out of the determined subcutaneous area through a liposuction cannula. Immediately after suction, the fat is processed by special centrifugation to remove undesirable impurities and particles, then it’s injected into the breasts. It’s a mini-invasive procedure using fine cannulas, which leaves no scars. Breast enlargement using your own fat takes about 2-2.5 hours. Breast enlargement using your own fat can be combined with some aesthetic treatments and it’s suitable for women from 18 years of age.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Double remodelling effect – sucking out excess fat, improving breast appearance
  • A simple treatment with minimum stress on the body
  • A procedure without scarring, risks and allergies
  • A safe and natural method of aesthetic medicine
  • The fat can be removed anywhere on the body, wherever there is excess

Before the procedure

Breast enlargement using your own fat is a safe procedure with good results. We recommend discontinuing drugs for reduction of blood clotting at least 14 days before the procedure, and you shouldn’t smoke for at least 2 days before the procedure.

After the procedure

After breast enlargement using your own fat, small swelling or bruising may appear on the breasts, and occasionally painful reactions may occur, which disappear within a few days. We recommend sleeping on your back for at least 2 weeks; wearing special elastic underwear isn’t necessary. It’s also important to follow post-surgery instructions from the attending physician and avoid wearing a tight underwired-bra. A more sporty type of bra should be given preference. Furthermore, don’t expose your body to hypothermia or hot baths. Part of the transferred fat may be absorbed after some time (approximately 20-40%), so it’s advisable to repeat the procedure or replenish the absorbed fat, but no earlier than 6 months later.

The effect is visible immediately and will be optimised and stabilised within 3 months. Breasts are then very natural on touch and nicely shaped.


Breasts are the basis of a woman’s femininity. Every woman has a different idea of ​​how they should look, but many women aren’t happy with their chest. If you are a supporter of the most natural effect with the use of your own product, breast enlargement using your own fat is the best solution offered by today’s aesthetic medicine. Even without the need for surgical interventions or foreign filling materials – for more beautiful breasts!

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