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Breast enlargement using your own fat

Breast enlargement using your own fat is carried out by sucking out the required volume of fat from problematic areas by means of a Swiss liposuction unit called Liposurg. The fat is subsequently gently inserted into the breasts. Read more about the procedure below. For further inquiries, take advantage of a free consultation at our workplace.

Price from:

2 346 €



1 day hospitalization at the clinic



Plastic surgery



General anesthesia



90 min



14 days

About the procedure

Breast augmentation with own fat now competes with aesthetic and plastic surgery methods and often replaces more demanding and complex breast surgery. In a simple and gentle way, a sufficient amount of fatty tissue is removed from a specific place on the body and, after treatment, is injected as a filler material into the breasts.

What is the benefit of one's own fat to enhance the body?

Breast augmentation with the body’s own fat uses the body’s most natural fatty tissue to remodel, shape, fill out the breasts, address breast asymmetries or other unaesthetic deviations, without the use of foreign bodies, risks or allergic reactions. Adipose tissue, as a basic component of the body’s soft tissue, is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and the amount of subcutaneous fat and is a quality filler material for areas where it is missing.

For whom breast enlargement using one’s own fat is appropriate

It isn’t possible to expect breast enlargement to fit your dreams exactly or having proportions like a celebrity with a huge chest. Breast enlargement using your own fat only shapes the breasts and increases their volume by one size. Therefore, the procedure is suitable for those, who don’t expect a huge breast enlargement, but simply want to emphasize their décolletage or improve contours of their breasts or those who are afraid of silicones and prefer a natural form of treatment. Another important factor regarding efficient breast enlargement using your own fat is that you have enough fat (at least 600 ml), which isn’t always true in case of slimmer women. Also, a sufficient amount of fat tissue isn’t enough to guarantee success; it’s also necessary for the fat tissue to be sufficiently perfused with blood, so that the fat won’t be absorbed quickly. Otherwise, the procedure needs to be repeated.

Benefits of the intervention

  • checkDouble remodelling effect - extraction of excess fat, improvement of breast appearance
  • checkSimple treatment with minimal strain on the body
  • checkProcedure without scarring, risks and allergies
  • checkA safe and natural method of aesthetic medicine
  • checkFat can be removed anywhere on the body where there is excess fat


Do you have a slim figure? Then a possible alternative for you may be breast enlargement using silicone implants. We recommend a non-binding consultation with the attending physician for evaluation of the surgical technique’s suitability.

Course of treatment

Breast augmentation with your own fat is performed using a modern liposuction vibration method. From the area where there is enough fat tissue, a reasonable amount of fat is gently removed with a liposuction cannula, which is immediately processed – unwanted particles and impurities are removed, then injected into the breasts. This is a minimally invasive procedure using fine cannulas, without scarring. Breast augmentation with your own fat takes about 2-2.5 hours. Fat transfer breast augmentation can be combined with some aesthetic procedures and is suitable for women aged 18 and over.



  • Experienced board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in plastic surgery.
  • MUDr. Igor Slaninka performs a full range of aesthetic procedures from breast augmentation, lipotransfer, liposuction and much more. Experienced board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in plastic surgery.
  • MUDr. Igor Slaninka, uses Motiva, Polytech, Mentor and B-Lite implants.
  • He is recognized as a specialist in the field mainly due to his results, precise work without complications and many years of experience as a leading physician at the Surgical Clinic of FNHK.
  • Igor Slaninka, MD, is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons at Premier Clinic and in the Czech Republic.

Unique and safe anaesthesia

At the Premier Clinic, we only have premium equipment. We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic, who use
the unique German-made HEYER anaesthesia unit, which allows for fully digital administration of anaesthesia.
Therefore, all of our anaesthesia are performed by the so-called low-flow anaesthesia with premium
anaesthetic gas. It means that waking up is far easier for the client and the unpleasant effects
of anaesthesia are virtually eliminated.

Why choose a procedure at the Premier Clinic

Quality breast implants do not endanger pregnancy and breastfeeding

Desired aesthetic result

Absorbable sutures do not need to be removed

Long-term surgery

Natural shape thanks to anatomical implants

Silicone breast implants are also used to correct breast deformities

Our results

Before the procedure

Breast augmentation with your own fat is a safe procedure with good results. Before the procedure, we recommend that you stop taking blood thinners for at least 14 days and that you do not smoke for 2 days before the procedure.

After the procedure

After breast augmentation with your own fat, small swellings or bruises may appear on the breasts, and occasionally painful reactions may occur, which will subside within a few days. A minimum of 2 weeks of supine sleeping is recommended, special elastic underwear is not necessary. It is also important to follow the post-operative instructions from the attending physician and avoid wearing tight underwear with underwire, choose a more athletic type instead, and do not expose the body to hypothermia or hot baths. Some of the transferred fat may be absorbed after a certain period of time (about 20-40%), so it is advisable to repeat the procedure or to replenish the absorbed fat, but not before 6 months.

The effect is visible immediately, maximizing and stabilizing within 3 months. The breasts are tactilely natural and shapely.

Breasts are the basis of femininity for women. Everyone has a different idea of what they should look like, but many are not satisfied with their chest. If you are one of the proponents of the most natural effect possible using your own product, breast augmentation with your own fat is the best solution that today’s aesthetic medicine has to offer. Even without the need for surgery or foreign filler materials – for more beautiful breasts!

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