Hair removal (permanent epilation) using the EPILIA laser

Many of us are troubled by unwanted hair in many areas of a body. The most effective and permanent solution is laser hair removal (permanent epilation) not only on the lower limbs, in the groin or on the back, but also on the face, around the lips, on the chin, armpits and the breasts, etc.

However, this wouldn’t be possible without modern laser technology with a permanent effect on hair removal anywhere on a body. For this treatment, we use the unique high-performance Epilia RF diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm. As the only diode laser in the world, it also has radio frequency and it’s thanks to this that the EPILIA diode laser can also remove blonde hairs.

The Epilia RF diode laser versus the Alexandrite laser or IPL

Clinical studies have evaluated the safety, efficacy, versatility and durability of the treatment and from the above mentioned technologies, it’s the diode laser that has had the best results. Unlike the Alexandrite laser, the diode-laser treatment is less painful (thanks to the cooling, which the Alexandrite laser doesn’t have), for hair removal with the IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) it’s necessary to repeat the treatment several times and the final effect is only temporary, the hair-root bulb is created again after about 3 months. In addition, this treatment is associated with much greater skin irritation and burns can occur.

From a technological view-point, the Epilia RF laser device is number one for hair removal. Join the dozens of satisfied customers who have undergone laser hair removal. Don’t gamble on being burnt and reduced effect in cosmetic salons and trust your care to our renowned plastic surgery clinic.


Detailed information regarding the procedure

The principle of the hair removal method is in the action of a laser beam that selectively captures the hair pigment, passes through the upper layer of the skin without damaging it to the hair bulb and eliminates it by thermal action. In the case of blonde or weak hairs, on which radiofrequency waves that don’t interfere with the hair pigment, act to remove the hair roots including hair bulbs in the lowest-most layers can be eliminated effectively by cooling the upper layer of the skin.

As the laser acts on hairs that are in the current stage of growth, about one-third of them are removed in one treatment, so it’s necessary laser hair removal. Depending on the size of the treated area, the procedure is performed approximately 5 times, each time with interval of 3 to 9 months. Then, the procedure is of a more permanent nature.

Why is it necessary to repeat the treatment? There are some hairs in the “sleeping” (catagen) or “falling out” (telogen) phase during the procedure, so they can’t be removed. Only those that are in the phase of growth, i.e. in the anagen phase, are eliminated. This isn’t because the laser is ineffective.

Procedure Benefits

Double performance of the laser allows removal of both blonde and fine hairs, which other laser devices aren’t capable of removing. The procedure is gentle and even painless thanks to the extraordinary benefit – cooling during the procedure.

  • Visible effect with a permanent result
  • One of the most reliable procedures in the Czech Republic
  • Quality medical-certified device
  • Double cooling
  • You will get rid of ingrown hair
  • Online control of contact of head with the skin to avoid burning

Course of Treatment

This is a day-care procedure performed without anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and without the need for convalescence. With the most efficient laser device, the hairs are removed quickly and painlessly. On shaved skin, using cooling (to protect upper skin layer), the laser beam with a special wavelength is targeted smoothly to the hair bulb in order to eliminate it. For the more sensitive areas, such as face, armpits or private parts, the quality German ZCryo6 cooling device can be used free of charge.

Before the Procedure

This gentle procedure is tolerated without difficulty, but several rules must be followed to ensure that the treatment is performed as best as possible. Before the procedure, it’s necessary not to pluck the hairs, you’re only allowed to trim or shave them otherwise we won’t achieve the correct laser efficiency. Restrictions for the laser treatment apply also to a fresh tan after sunbathing. Remove the hairs completely 24 hours before the procedure.


  • Inflammation, infection, bacterial dermatitis and antibiotics use
  • Tumour diseases including skin cancer
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Allergies and autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal mismatch
  • Epilepsy
  • Vascular diseases
  • Pacemaker in the body

After the Procedure

After treatment, the skin may experience redness and tiny swellings. It’s advisable to cool the treated areas, lubricate with a moisturising cream with aloe vera or panthenol. After the procedure, avoid sunbathing, solariums, swimming pools and saunas for approximately 14 days to prevent unnecessary unwanted hypo/hyper-pigmentation of the skin. When staying in the sun, protect your skin with high quality sunscreens with a high PH factor. It’s also unsuitable to use deodorants in the treated areas (armpits) for at least 1 day.

Today’s modern times require a quality and efficient technique as well as a professional and human approach. At the same time, every treatment should be a pleasant experience for you in the best medical company that has sense and purpose. The times when our ancestors couldn’t even deal with excessive or faint hair because they didn’t have lasers is long behind us. Beautiful and smooth skin is definitely more pleasant, not only from aesthetic but also from a psychological point of view.

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